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Affiliate Program

Earn Money by Referring Customers to LeadGen App

We reward you with cash payments of up to 50% commission for every person you referred onto a paid LeadGen App subscription. See more details below.

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How it Works

Our Affiliate program works on a manual referral basis. You inform your audience or sign them up directly via the LeadGen App register page. You will then share all the contacts you referred and we will pay you out per every new, successful subscription.

Step 1: Sign-Up as Affiliate 
Step 2:
Promote LeadGen App to your friends & contacts
Step 3: Share the contacts you referred via our referral form
Step 4: We validate the referred accounts
Step 5: You get paid to your bank account


How Much Can You Earn?

We got 4 subscription products that qualify for the affiliate program:

  • Pro ($49/month)    –   50% on 2x monthly price
  • Scale ($99/month)   –   50% on 2x monthly price 
  • Pro Yearly ($468/year)  –  40% on 1x yearly price 
  • Scale Yearly ($948/year)  – 40% on 1x yearly price

See pricing plan details here.




LeadGen App Affiliate earnings table

Earnings Table: How much you earn per number of users and based on the subscription plans.


Program Terms

To ensure fairness for both you and us, this is the set of program terms we adhere to:

  • Payout policy: You will get paid 15 days after sign-up date of a user you referred to a yearly plan. You will get paid 45 days after the sign-up date of a user you referred to a monthly plan. The dates refer to the day the payment gets sent, so it may arrive 1-3 days later. Users on monthly plans need to have made at least 2 monthly payments.
  • Payout currency: Payouts are made in US Dollar ($) to your bank account.
  • User details needed for verification: You can claim commission for users you referred via our referral form. We ask you to provide email address, name, as well as business name or website URL for each contact you refer.
  • Validation of accounts: We are validating each contact you referred and claim commission for, based on the following criteria: 
    The referred contact is a genuine person; The contact has a business or a website; The contact is not the affiliate itself. We will provide payouts if the contact meets the criteria. We will not provide payments if the contacts fails to meet the criteria.


How To Become an Affiliate and Start Earning

Step 1: Sign-Up As Affiliate

Sign-up via the button below. We will then confirm your affiliate account shortly.

Step 2: Promote LeadGen App to Contacts and Get Sign-Ups via Register Page

Step 3: Fill the Referral Form with Details of Your Referred Subscribers. You can Submit Multiple Contacts or Keep this Form Saved and Submit it Each Time you Got a New Subscriber

You will hear back from us within 24 hours to confirm whether your submitted account(s) qualifies.

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