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Welcome Message
Introduction about the course content & goals.
Create Your First Form
Introduction to the LeadGen App form-builder Create a new form from scratch Single-step vs. multi-step forms explained Different question types explained Different choice skin types explained
Form Design Introduction
Overview about the form design section Change form theme/ save your themes How to change typography/ spacing of different form elements How to change the form background colour How to use progress bars & shadow effects How to create visual image/icon buttons How to customize navigation buttons
Embed Forms to Your Website
Direct embed/iframe codes explained How to directly send out the form link How to change the form height/width dimensions Where you can embed LeadGen forms How to embed forms in WordPress How to tweak the form settings to find the perfect design How to make changes to the form embed from your web-page builder
Set-Up Thank-You Messages
Why to use a custom thank-you message The difference between thank-you message and redirect to thank-you page How to edit thank-you message text How to redirect to a URL after form submission
How to Integrate Forms via Zapier
What is the LeadGen App Zapier integration How to send leads to 1000+ apps via the Zapier integration How to set-up notifications for new leads
All The Question Types Explained
Get to know all the different ways you can create and present questions in LeadGen App. We will show you the differences between question types like single select and multi select, radio and checkbox buttons as well as image and icon questions to help create forms that your audience will love to engage with.
Build Online Forms
About Lesson

Each question type has a unique function and choosing the right ones make the difference between successful form completions and drop-offs. The question types presented are:

Introduction 0:001:15
Single-Select 1:152:00
Checkbox Buttons 3:213:53
Dropdown 3:554:25
Radio Buttons 4:254:39
Image Buttons 4:405:10
Icon Buttons 5:116:03
Paragraph Text 6:046:25
Short Text 6:266:50
Address 6:518:10
GDPR 8:118:23
Date 8:249:02
Email 9:029:17
Phone Number 9:189:52
First Name 9:539:59
Last Name 9:5910:06