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 Turn any web and landing page into Lead-generating site with beautiful forms.

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 LeadGen makes form creation easy: 

 Digital Agencies Spent Countless Hours To Create Websites & Lead Generation Campaigns 

The constant battle between client needs and your own needs to grow your business is daunting.

The marketing is broken, business grows suffers, and you get stuck in the daily hustle.

Coming from a web & marketing agency background ourselves, we build a web app that helps you:

1) Save time on projects
2) Drive better client results
3) Helps your agency get more business.

The Dilemma Every Marketer and Agency Owner Knows About

LeadGen Form Examples: Used in Marketing Campaigns Worldwide 

Do It Like These Entrepreneurs, Agencies and Marketers And Grow Your Business

Drastically increased conversion rates!

I have seen great increases in conversion rates with LeadGen that I have recommened it to 10 agency owner friends of mine. I’ve replaced all forms across many client websites to LeadGen forms and every single one has seen an increase in inquiries.

Carlos Luna
Marketing Agency Owner, The Feel Marketing  

Carlos is a marketing agency owner from California, US. He specializes in the niche of helping car detailing brands get more leads via PPC advertising.

He sends traffic to both custom landing pages and the brand’s websites. He replaced all website forms with LeadGen which helped to qualify leads and massively increase lead generation with the right customer profile.

LeadGen allowed us to turn blog pages into lead gen sites!

“The problem we faced is getting more lead generation from our website. LeadGen App allowed us to have campaigns in places we didn’t have campaigns before. It enabled us to turn blog pages into lead gen sites. It’s made my job and my connection to the business a lot easier!

Laura Dolby
Content Marketing Manager, Cleantech Group 




Conversion Rate 


Ad Spend



The Trusted Lead Form-Builder and Lead Management Tool For Digital Marketers and Businesses Worldwide

Increased our leads tenfold!

Increased our leads tenfold! Us and our clients have noticed the up tick in possible customers completing our forms and Inquiring about services offered.

Andrew G. MedicBankApp  

The Best Form Out There

I have referred LeadGen App to probably 15-20 people. It combines the interactive nature of chatbots into a form. Can’t recommend this product enough.

Ron Valderrama Stream Now TV   

Couldn’t recommend enough!

LeadGen helped us understand our clients by using a lead-qualifying questionnaire form. The customer service is great and I couldn’t recommend LeadGen enough!

Jay Lighten,  LPS Property   

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Try out for 14 days free, then just $49/month 

LeadGen Features

Start 14-Day Free Trial

Try out for 14 days free, then just $49/month 

Here’s what you’ll find inside LeadGen:

Your Secret Weapon to Get More Quality Leads

Who is LeadGen App built for?

LeadGen App is a lead generation web app, built for anyone working on websites and digital marketing campaigns, like ad campaign managers, content marketers, bloggers, inbound marketers and marketing & web agencies.

Does LeadGen integrate with CRM & 3rd party tools?

Yes, we have a Zapier integration to connect with thousands of other tools. Also, you can connect LeadGen forms via webhooks integration.

Are LeadGen forms compliant with GDPR standards?

Yes, LeadGen forms can be enhanced with GDPR fields and checkboxes to inform leads about your data collection policies and to obtain consent for email newsletter subscriptions.

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes. LeadGen App encrypts lead data and securely stores it in a cloud database. We take regular data backups and our cloud service provider ensures the backup of the full server. We comply with GDPR standards and ensure you can fully delete lead data from your database, e.g. upon user requests (Right to be forgotten).

What type of support do you provide?

Customer support is everything. We provide support via chat, email and Facebook community. We also have a help center with articles and a YouTube channel with tutorial videos.

What metrics are available for tracking in LeadGen

LeadGen provides insights into form views, form visitors, lead conversion rate, generated leads and form completion time. The Analytics dashboard allows you to compare form performance over time in line charts for various metrics. You can connect you forms to custom thank-you pages, e.g. your own landing pages on which you can use tracking codes and pixels for further conversion analytics.

List of Features

#1 Build Lead Capture Forms

  • Intuitive form-builder
  • Unlimited form design options
  • Check Unlimited questions per form
  • Check Save/activate custom form themes
  • Check Different question types
  • Check Responsive form design
  • Check Custom form dimensions & spacing
  • Check Visual image/icon choice question type
  • Check Embed codes (Direct embed, iframe)
  • Check Direct form URL share link
  • Check Advanced form styling via CSS

#1 Build Lead Capture Forms

#2 Increase Conversion Rates & Performance 

  • Lead lists, containing form submission data
  • Check Unlimited form variants within form
  • Check Export leads to csv and excel sheet
  • Check Lead dashboard
  • Check Form A/B testing
  • Check Geo-Fencing based on country
  • Check IP-based response restriction
  • Check Validation (email, phone number)
  • Check Enable Google reCAPTCHA
  • Check LeadProof popups

#3 User Experience & Customization

  • Redirect to custom Thank-you message
  • Check Redirect to Thank-You URL
  • Check Build Calculators
  • Check Lead Scoring based on assigning choice values
  • Check Email self-notifications for new leads
  • Check Remove LeadGen branding from notifications
  • Check Form progress bar in multi-step forms
  • Check GDPR check boxes
  • Check Integrations via Zapier
  • Check Webhooks integrations & hidden field names
  • Check Remove LeadGen branding on form

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– 20 live forms 

Facebook Group (Exclusive Access)

– Access Top Lead Generation & Digital Marketing Content & Share Your Questions to the Community

LeadGen Form Guide Video Course

– Short 5-Step video with walk-Through through all the key features)


– Personal live chat support
– Online chats/ calls as needed
– Help articles/ videos 

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Everything You Get:

Total Value: $393

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✔ LeadGen App Pro (14 Day Free Trial)           $49 Value
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Questions & Answers

If you’ve got a question about LeadGen App, we’ve probably heard it before. Get answers here.


Build Your Form

Create a custom form in the intuitive LeadGen form-builder and design it in the web app without touching any code and CSS 

Once your form is built & designed, LeadGen provides an embed code to easily integrate the form into your landing page.



Find your lead generation potential by running A/B test experiments to improve lead conversions rates.

Test & Track


Next up, we wanted to roll out multi-step forms for all our clients as well. 
Building multi-step forms from scratch way each time is painful and takes a huge amount of time. 

That's when LeadGen App was born. 

We built a web app to create custom multi-step forms for lead generation and any other campaign need

You can LeadGen forms for:
- Capturing more quality leads for our agency websites
- Making client websites conversion-friendly
- Onboarding new clients 
- NPS surveys and feedback forms
- Calculator forms
- Conditional Logic forms

and more...

What took our developers weeks, has become super easy with the help of LeadGen forms.

What You Can Build With LeadGen Forms

Conversion-Optimized Forms for Capturing More Quality Leads

Service selection/ Inquiry Forms

Website Contact Forms

Interactive/ Conditional Forms

Application Processes

Lead qualification forms

Lead magnet forms

+ create any other custom form you need

Build any form in a few minutes

Instead of several days of custom coding

Why We Help Agencies & Marketers Fix Their Online Forms to Deliver Better Conversion Results 

There is an emotional (or better passionate) & and a rational answer about it. First, the passionate one. We're simply obsessed about it. We love building sales funnels and automated user journeys. Promoting content, ideas and products online is a fantastic opportunity to scale a brand (With the right tools and knowledge).

This brings us to the rational answer. There are thousands of marketers and agencies out there that need simple solutions. We are commited to empower others with clever digital marketing tools which are built on skills and learnings from many, many years of client work.

Together with my Co-Founder Chris, we were running marketing services for business clients.  We had seen a lot of tools. Yet, we couldn’t find a solution to build multi-step forms for a client campaign that would give us the flexibility and customization we needed.

Not to mention all the problems with compatibility of multi-step forms with the page-builders we used – The form never really looked the way we wanted it. So we decided to build a tool ourselves – LeadGen was born.

We come a long way. It wasn’t until a year of using LeadGen for ourselves and our agency clients, until we decided to build a fully functional form-builder that now helps thousands of marketers worldwide.

Fast forward, one more year and thousands of forms later, we got to know lead forms inside out – How to get web visitors engaged and get more form responses. 

Try out this LeadGen Form by going through the questions!

Everything you see inside LeadGen is built upon years of experience, hundreds of experiments and tons of learning. We are not a typical form-builder to build quizzes, surveys or “Typeforms” that always look the same.

Every feature we built is built for marketers, people like you that run online marketing campaigns, websites or landing pages and that want to take their marketing to the next level.

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Try out for 14 days free, then just $49/month 

Why Digital Agencies Move Their Online Forms to LeadGen To Grow Their Businesses

“Let’s build a simple Typeform or use a WordPress plugin”

or “We just need to capture email address and a few other fields”;

“It’s not worth the time to replace our online forms”. 

Unfortunately, These approaches and tactics don’t work. 

Websites and landing pages need the right set-up that actually allows brands to generate leads and new business. A beautiful web-page with content is one thing, the lead-generating channel, but it's your form which generates and captures the new lead.

Hundreds of Companies move their online forms to LeadGen because they need:

✅ A Better Way To Turn Visitors into Customers (Maximize lead potential)

Increased Lead Quality & Real Prospects (Say goodbye to spam & suspects)

Maximum Customization and Design (Forms That seamlessly fit to your site)

Our Co-Founder Chris presenting at Google Campus London

Introducing LeadGen App

 Build High-Performing Forms For Website and Landing Page Campaigns 

Benefits of LeadGen App 

Build online forms in minutes

✔ Unlimited form design settings
✔ No coding skills required
Use Multi-step forms to qualify leads

✔ Build conditional flows

Form A/B testing to scale up conversions
Thank-you message/ Thank-you URL
Email notifications to follow-up instantly
Integrate leads to Email & CRM tools

and more: See Full List of Features

How It Works

Start 14-Day Free TrialStart 14-Day Free Trial

Easily create beautiful online forms in less than 5 minutes –
 No coding skills required!

I got inspired by Apple's process and saw potential in using those online journeys for our own lead generation.

thought we needed a form like this for our agency to capture new project requests from our contact page.

We custom-built it with our developer team and got very good results from this new multi-step form

The service selection questions gave web visitors the impression that we care about their individual project requirements which was the key to get more conversions.

The step form outperformed any other basic form we ever used before!

Hi, my Name is Waseem, I am a web agency owner based in South East London in the UK. 

I spent more than 10 years on helping small companies and enterprises grow their business by building custom landing pages.

I enjoy helping businesses and innovative digital marketing campaign with clever tools and tactics.

When I had problems with my iPhone a few years ago, I noticed that Apple support page had a very nice user flow.

They didn't use chat, email, phone or inquiry form to capture support requests.

Instead, they built a tool, a user journey that either gave a precise answer to the problem or would direct to submit a support request to the right person quickly.

We've Been There Too

When I Realized 
Why Web-Pages Convert

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LeadGen is a web app for marketers and agencies to build conversion-boosting forms in minutes

LeadGen App

What You Can Build With LeadGen Forms

Create Lead Forms That Convert Without Any Coding Skills

LeadGen is a web app for marketers and agencies to build conversion-boosting forms in minutes

LeadGen Features