Getting more leads from online forms becomes easier when tracking your partial lead entries: The Uncaptured Lead Generation Potential.​

Partial Lead Entries

What are partial leads and how are they going help you convert more visitors through forms?

You are familiar with lead conversion rate which is basically the number of leads per form divided by the total form visitors.

Lead conversion rate formula

The simple formula of lead conversion rate

Conversion rates will show you leads in comparison to visitors, but visitors include anyone (Bounce-back traffic, cold traffic, engaged traffic, leads, etc.)

A low conversion rate can therefore have different meanings. It will only tell you that there is something wrong with either the page, form, traffic quality, landing page copy, etc.

You just can't pinpoint what exactly you need to improve.

Partial entries are those visitors that started engaging with your form, e.g. that went through a few steps, started filling in answers, but then dropped off.

Partial lead entries formula

How we define Partial Entries at LeadGen App

Understanding your partial lead analytics is crucial because it will tell you if your form is the problem, so that interested visitors decide to drop off.


A high partial entry metric can have different meanings:

  • Your form could be too complex or too long
  • Your form doesn't work technically, e.g. next button not clickable
  • The form is not engaging
  • The copy of the form is not on point
  • The form asks for information that users are unwilling to provide, e.g. budget or financial information

​The partial entries numbers are included in the overview pages of your form and A/B tests.

Partial leads in LeadGenHow we define Partial Entries at LeadGen App

Try it out yourself. Embed LeadGen forms in more web-pages, A/B test your forms and watch out for partial lead entries: Your Uncaptured Lead Generation Potential.

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