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How It Works

Multi-Step Form Builder
Address Autocomplete
Conditional Flows
Design Editor
 A/B Testing
Lead Management

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Forms That Convert

Open up new sales opportunities by converting leads that you would lose with standard web forms. Build beautiful & user-friendly forms to get more leads that convert into customers.

“LeadGen App combines the interactive nature of chatbots into a form. Can’t recommend it enough!”

Ron Valderrama  Ron Valderrama  
   CEO, StreamNow TV  

LeadGen multi step form design

Clever Tools To Get More Form Fills & Win New Customers

Capture more leads by personalizing your online form experience. Easily create multi-step forms and conditional flows that present tailored form content for each visitor. Experiment and reveal your best form designs with A/B testing.

“I’ve replaced all forms across many client websites to LeadGen forms and every single one has seen an increase in enquiries.”

  Carlos Luna Carlos Luna
  Agency Owner, The Feel Marketing

Deliver Predictable Lead Generation For Your Clients

LeadGen App is built for marketers and agencies to effortlessly create high-converting forms and manage lead responses. Deliver predictable lead generation results and expand your client business.

“We always get a much higher conversion rate with LeadGen App for our clients than we do with any other forms.”

Rayan Jawad   Rayan Jawad
  Founder & Consultant, Growth Studio

Deliver predictable lead generation results for your agency clients

Easily Add Forms To Your Website

Forms can be added with simple iframe or embed code into any page-builder, including:

Logos of CMS and web builders
Embedded LeadGen form in Website, displayed on laptop and mobile screens

Build Forms in 3 Simple Steps

Easily create beautiful online forms in less than 5 minutes – No coding skills required!

Build Your Form

Create and design a custom form in the intuitive form-builder without touching any code and CSS.

form web design with LeadGen App

Embed Your Form

Once your form is built & designed, easily embed it into your landing page with a simple embed code.

illustration of lead gen form builder with form embed code

Test & Track

Add multiple variants to your forms and improve lead generation with A/B test experiments and tracking dashboards.

LeadGen App form tool dashboard


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Make the most of your website visitors and generate new customers and more sales

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