Basic Rental Application Form

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The Basic Rental Application Form is typically used by landlords or property managers when a prospective tenant is applying to rent a property. The form is used to gather information about the tenant’s background, including their personal information, income, employment status, and rental history. This information is used by the landlord or property manager to evaluate the tenant’s qualifications and determine if they are a suitable candidate for the rental property. Additionally, the form may be used to verify the tenant’s identity, creditworthiness, and ability to pay rent. The information obtained from the application form is also useful for landlords in case of any disputes with tenants. This form template is a basic and easy to fill form asking for Name, Number of people moving in – This question is asking for the total number of individuals who will be living in the rental property, Move-in Date – The date the tenant(s) plan to move into the rental property, Income – The tenant(s) will be required to provide information about their income, such as their current employment status and salary, Pets – Many landlords have restrictions on pets, so tenants will be asked if they have any pets and if so, what type.