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Forms That Convert 5X More Traffic into Leads

LeadGen App helps you create personalized multi-step forms and popups to convert more leads compared to any other form.

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Gain a Competitive Advantage with Forms That Convert

Open up new sales opportunities by converting leads that you would lose with standard web forms. Build beautiful & user-friendly forms to attract and convert new customers and clients.

“LeadGen App combines the interactive nature of chatbots into a form. Can’t recommend it enough!”

Ron Valderrama  Ron Valderrama  
   CEO, StreamNow TV  

LeadGen App Form Builder Software

Smart Data To Grow Form Conversion Rates 

Capture more leads by personalizing your online form experience. Easily create multi-step forms and conditional flows that present tailored form content for each visitor. Experiment and reveal your best form designs with A/B testing.   

“I’ve replaced all forms across many client websites to LeadGen forms and every single one has seen an increase in enquiries.”

 Carlos LunaCarlos Luna
 Agency Owner, The Feel Marketing

Deliver Predictable Lead Generation for Your Clients

LeadGen App is built for marketers and agencies to effortlessly create high-converting forms and manage lead responses. Deliver predictable lead generation results and expand your client business.

“We always get a much higher conversion rate with LeadGen App for our clients than we do with any other forms.”

Rayan Jawad   Rayan Jawad
  Founder & Consultant, Growth Studio

Deliver predictable lead generation results for your agency clients

Become a Lead Generation Success Story

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19,552 New Leads Generated.

“LeadGen App enabled us to turn blog posts into lead generating sites, dramatically increasing lead generation and conversion rates.”

Laura Dolby   Laura Dolby 
   Cleantech Group

Eagle Christian Tours

Eagle Christian Tours generated
2,475 New Bookings over the course of 12 months.

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Unilever uses LeadGen App as a
Customer Demand Feedback Platform.

Easily Add Forms to Your Website

Forms can be added with simple iframe or embed code into any page-builder.

Build Forms in 3 Simple Steps

Easily create beautiful online forms in less than 5 minutes – No coding skills required!

Build Your Form

Create and design a custom form in the intuitive form-builder without touching any code and CSS.

form web design with LeadGen App

Embed Your Form

Once your form is built & designed, easily embed it into your landing page with a simple embed code.

illustration of lead gen form builder with form embed code

Test & Track

Add multiple variants to your forms and improve lead generation with A/B test experiments and tracking dashboards.

LeadGen App form tool dashboard

Integrate With Your
Marketing Stack

Integrations to LeadGen forms via Zapier

Integrate forms to your other online marketing software & tools incl. your QuickMail account

Connect your leads to your email lists, your CRM or other tools via 4000+ integrations through our Zapier App.

Track the traffic sources of your captured leads by assigning UTM parameters via hidden field names.

  • Webhooks 
  • Zapier integration 
  • Google Cloud integration
    for address autocomplete
  • Google Analytics integration
  •  Pass results through URL  parameters
LeadGen App and Quick Mail

QuickmailGet The Exclusive Deal 

Make the most of your website visitors and generate new customers and more sales

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Full List of Features


checkmark   Intuitive form-builder
checkmark  Create multi-step forms
checkmark  Create single-step forms
checkmark  Unlimited questions per form
checkmark  Save/activate form themes
checkmark  11 question types
checkmark  Address autocomplete
checkmark  Post code validation
checkmark  Embed anywhere

checkmark   Responsive form design
checkmark   Custom form dimensions
checkmark   Visual image/icon choices
checkmark   Iframe embed code
checkmark   Direct embed code 
checkmark   Direct form URL share link
checkmark   Form step fade-in effects
checkmark   Date & calendar question types

checkmark  Add Images/GIFs
checkmark  Phone number validation
checkmark  Default phone country code
checkmark  Phone country code detection
checkmark  Answer summary step
checkmark  Form design editor
checkmark  Customizable via css


checkmark  Leads section per form
checkmark  Unlimited form variants
checkmark  Export leads to csv
checkmark  Export leads to JSON
checkmark  Delete lead data
checkmark  Geo-fencing
checkmark  Post form data to URL
checkmark  Append form data to URL 

checkmark  Unique lead identifier
checkmark  Source URL detection
checkmark  IP address detection
checkmark  Lead meta data
checkmark  Lead analytics dashboard
checkmark  Compare time periods
checkmark  Conversion rate analytics
checkmark  Partial entries metric

checkmark  Form completion time metric
checkmark  IP-based response restriction
checkmark  Validation (email, phone)
checkmark  LeadProof popups
checkmark  Lead scoring
checkmark  Email notifications
checkmark  Reply-to-header in emails
checkmark  Notifications white-label


checkmark  Thank-you message
checkmark  Redirect to URL
checkmark  Conditional flows
checkmark  Build Calculators
checkmark  Email self-notifications
checkmark  Notification white-label


checkmark  Form progress bar
checkmark  GDPR checkboxes
checkmark  Integrations via Zapier
checkmark  Webhooks integrations
checkmark  Enable Google reCAPTCHA
checkmark  Review before submission

checkmark Inherit website font
checkmark Question title alignment
checkmark Transparent form background
checkmark Static/Dynamic form height  

Common Questions & Answers

If you’ve got a question about LeadGen App, we’ve probably heard it before. Get answers here.

Who is LeadGen App built for?

LeadGen App is a lead generation web app, built for anyone working on websites and digital marketing campaigns, like ad campaign managers, content marketers, bloggers, inbound marketers and marketing & web agencies.

Does LeadGen integrate with CRM & 3rd party tools?

Yes, we have a Zapier integration to connect with thousands of other tools. Also, you can connect LeadGen forms via webhooks integration.

Are LeadGen forms compliant with GDPR standards?

Yes, LeadGen forms can be enhanced with GDPR fields and checkboxes to inform leads about your data collection policies and to obtain consent for email newsletter subscriptions.

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes. LeadGen App encrypts lead data and securely stores it in a cloud database. We take regular data backups and our cloud service provider ensures the backup of the full server. We comply with GDPR standards and ensure you can fully delete lead data from your database, e.g. upon user requests (Right to be forgotten).

Do you have examples of LeadGen forms?

You can check live form examples on our showcase page. Go here. We also got close to 100 online form templates that you can use with a LeadGen App account.

Can I upgrade and downgrade my plan anytime?

Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade your plan at any time.

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