Live Examples of LeadGen forms on web-pages that consistently generate leads 

Website Contact Form

You almost can’t see that the form has been built in another tool – Website and form seamlessly merge in design, using the same fonts and colours.  Compare this user-friendly experience to your standard web form, and you’ll notice why form design matters.

The Feel Marketing
Request Consultation Form

A Multi-step LeadGen form that nicely blends in with the web design and brand colours. The short & user-friendly form helps the marketing agency The Feel Marketing capture consultation bookings on autopilot.

Digital Marketer
Lead Magnet Email Marketing Guide

Lead magnet form to access the content guide on email marketing subject lines. Digital Marketer is a leading digital marketing training and certification provider for brands and agencies and uses LeadGen form for lead offers.

SaaS Lead qualification form

The marketing software tool Happierleads helps brands reveal their web visitor data. Happierleads uses a multi-step form, prominently displayed in the centre of their contact page without any distractions to make it as easy as possible to leave a query.

Auto Envy
Quote Request Form

Auto Envy, a car detailing specialist in California (US), uses LeadGen forms across their website. This form is embedded on a service page. Visitors can get access to a quote for their service in less than 2 minutes.

B2B Inquiry Form

This LeadGen form helps the London-based web design agency Apexure generate more organic leads. The form qualifies users on the first step and asks for a message on the requirement on the second step: Capturing more qualified, high-quality leads.

Cleantech Group
Report Download Form

 A series of lead magnets, embedded into blog posts, provide valuable research reports for site visitors. This simple tactic helps Cleantech generate a ton of leads from their blog and build up new audiences for their email newsletter. 

Inquiry Form

Shair is a tech start-up based in the US, helping individuals and cities better understand air quality. The form on the about page helps to qualify leads and achieve different goals at the same time, e.g. newsletter sign-up and capturing press inquiries.

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Naomi Verlin

Fafco Solar, Digital Marketer

"We were looking for a fast and simple form creator for our campaigns to capture leads. Even more, LeadGen has exceeded our expectations, thanks to its easy customization and optimization for all devices. We love it!"


Nozomu Kubota

KOBIT, Founder

"Anyone looking for a slick replacement for clunky contact forms should check out LeadGen App. Easily customisable and integrates with existing systems - we love it!"


Phil Gooch

Scholarcy, Founder

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