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Frequently Asked Questions

The Platform

The Platform

Why should I switch to LeadGen App?

You should move your forms to LeadGen App if you look for the most flexible and conversion-focused form builder to generate more leads. Our mission is helping businesses, marketing & sales teams get more customers and clients with engaging, flexible and user-friendly forms. We are committed to give our users the tools to grow your revenue by making web-pages convert up to 5X more.

What can I do with LeadGen App?

With LeadGen App you can create online forms for different purposes, incl. lead capture & qualification forms, contact forms, multi-step forms, landing page forms, application forms, surveys, questionnaires, calculators, data collection & research forms, feedback forms and much more. LeadGen App also provides a LeadProof builder to create popups of your that show your leads as dynamic social proof on your pages. The form builder provides lots of form customization options via our design editor. Also we provide lead management & conversion optimization features, integrations and developer features to build complex forms and user journeys.

How can I customize the form design?

LeadGen App is the most flexible form-builder and provides near unlimited design customization options. The design editor allows you to customize form elements in terms of themes, colours, buttons, textboxes, shadows, fonts, colour codes and much more. You can either pick one of our pre-built themes to give your form a professional look, customize the designs yourself and also customize designs after form embed using custom CSS.

Can I send my form data to a Thank-you URL?

Yes, you can send your leads to a custom URL after form submissions. You can use your custom Thank-you pages to track leads via tracking scripts, e.g. Facebook pixel. Also, we provide a Thank-you message builder to easily create a text that shows in the form widget after users click on submit.

Do you support conditional logic?

Yes, LeadGen App provides the ability to create flexible conditional flows using logic jumps. You can create complex flows, for example jumps between form steps and jumps based on users choices (conditional logic). Here is a guide on creating conditional logic forms in LeadGen App.

What are LeadProof popups?

LeadProof is a feature to create popups of the leads that recently filled in a form. For example, you want to show your page visitors that your lead form offer is getting lots of responses from similar locations. You can use LeadProof as social proof, enticing more people to engage with your offers and fill in LeadGen forms. LeadProof popups can be customized based on the type of information shown, popups speed and intervals and more.

Do I need coding experience to create a form?

You don’t need any coding experience to create a form. LeadGen App is a no-code form-builder and makes it easy to create forms with the intuitive builder, pre-built templates and themes.

My Account

My Account

Do you provide supporting content/courses on how to use the software?

Yes, we provide a range of supporting content, incl. Help center with tutorials and videos, our YouTube channel and e-learning courses on specific form design and lead generation topics to build up your skills and generate better results with LeadGen App.

Can I move a LeadGen form into a different account?

If you have several accounts, we can help you transfer a form design into another account. This will however not pass on the lead and response through, only the form design itself. Get in touch with us if you have an account-related question.

In which languages do you provide support?

We provide support in English and German. Check out our landing page for German users here.

Data & Leads

Data & Leads

Where can I see my leads and response data?

You can see your responses in the leads section of your form overview page. Click on “Leads” to view your captured details and responses, incl. meta data like browser and device.

Is there a limit to how many leads I can generate?

No, you can capture unlimited leads with any of our plans!

Can I set up email notifications for leads?

You can receive instant email notifications any time a new lead submits a form. You can enable/ disable and customize lead notifications based on your form. At the moment we don’t have support notifications to the lead directly.

Can we check leads that haven't submitted the form?

There is currently no option to view the data of visitors that started filling the form without submitting. We do however provide a partial lead metric, showing you how many leads abort the form variant, leaving before clicking the submit button.

Can I pre-populate fields?

Yes, using hidden fields you can pre-populate fields in forms. The hidden fields capture data from URL parameters and using this information to pre-populate form fields.

Plans & Pricing


What is the difference between the pricing plans?

The plans are different based on the number of forms, number of leads you generate per month, as well as feature restrictions. We offer 3 subscription plans: Pro, Scale and Enterprise. Beyond these plans we offer LeadGen App Enterprise plans with custom pricing. The Pro plan is our most popular plan providing space for 20 forms, the Scale plan provides 100 forms and the Enterprise plan up to 300 forms. The number of leads, form views/month, No. of available LeadProof popups and other feature are restricted or included based on the plans (as outlined in pricing table). You can choose between monthly and yearly billing once signed up. Switching to yearly billing will save you 20% of the subscription price and the hassle of monthly billing & invoices. If you have a need for more than 300 forms and other special requirements, you can book a call with us.

How does your pricing compare to other tools?

We aim to keep our pricing simple & straightforward. Also, it’s worth noting that our subscription pricing has not changed in more than 3 years! We support a wide range of individuals and businesses with very different lead generation volumes, ranging a few leads up 10,000+ leads per month. Using an Enterprise or custom plan will give you a dedicated Account Manager as well. You either pay monthly or yearly (20% discount) and for online form space you need. LeadGen App follows highest industry standards via PSD2 and PCI compliance which means we do not directly store card information. You can pay us directly in your local currency which will be automatically detected as you sign up. 

What payment methods do you support?

We support payments via credit card, debit and PayPal. We support the following cards: Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express
Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay. 

What type of support do you provide?

Serving you and helping you get your questions answered successfully is our highest priority. We provide support via live chat and email. We also have a help center with a wide range of tutorials and articles and a YouTube channel with useful help videos of the various app features.

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes. LeadGen App encrypts lead data and securely stores it in a cloud database. We take regular data backups and our cloud service provider ensures the backup of the full server. We comply with GDPR standards and ensure you can fully delete lead data from your database, e.g. upon user requests. To learn more check our our security, compliance and privacy commitments.

Can I upgrade and downgrade my plan anytime?

Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade your plan at any time.



Can I integrate my forms to other tools?

Yes, we provide different integration methods to connect your forms with third-party software and tools. We have a Zapier App to connect your forms with more than 3,000 tools incl. CRM systems, email marketing tools and more. We also provide webhooks integrations (POST method, Append to URL) to send data into other tools.

Is the Zapier integration free?

Yes, Zapier is free up to a limit of usage (automations and tasks). See Zapier pricing details here.

Can I add custom CSS in the LeadGen form?

Yes, you can style your LeadGen form using custom CSS from your web-page editor.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

Is my data safe and secure?

Ensuring security, privacy and reliability are our highest priorities at LeadGen App. We are using secure server communication between our server and user accounts using SSL. We securely store data on UK-based servers. We take regular data backups and our cloud service provider ensures the backup of the full server. We follow high compliance standards and are GDPR and PCI compliant. We have a near perfect software uptime of 99.9% and have a dedicated quality assurance and testing process. Find detailed information on our security & compliance page.

Is LeadGen App GDPR compliant?

Yes, with LeadGen App you can capture and manage leads in a GDPR-compliant way. We provide a Data Processing Agreement for your company to sign, to provide it to auditors. LeadGen forms contain a dedicated GDPR question type to contain user consent via checkboxes. Your leads are securely stored and provide you the ability to easily update/remove leads as needed.

How can I close LeadGen forms?

You can close LeadGen forms for submission from the settings page of your form. Go to Form Settings, Responses and turn off the switch for “Responses (Lead) Submission is Enabled” This will keep showing the form on your site but doesn’t allow any user to submit.

Is LeadGen App HIPAA compliant?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee HIPAA compliance. It’s an area we are starting to look into and plan to implement in the future.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Who is LeadGen App built for?

LeadGen App is a form builder and marketing automation platform for marketing & web design agencies, lead generation services, marketing teams, and B2B brands. We help you make form design easy and provide the tools to capture more leads from your web pages so that you can grow your business and deliver predictable results to your clients.

Where can I use LeadGen forms?

You can use LeadGen forms in your website and landing page or send it our directly via form link. LeadGen forms can be embedded into all common page-builder with HTML embed feature, incl. WordPress, Unbounce, Leadpages, Instapage, Webflow, Wix and more. We provide direct embed and iframe embed which can simply post and paste into web-page. LeadGen forms are responsive form web, tablet and mobile device screens.

Do you have examples of LeadGen forms?

We have live form examples you can test out as well as a showcase page with customer form examples. Also, you can check our lead form templates which provides an idea of the different form designs that we support.

Do you have form templates?

We got more than 200 form templates for different industries and use cases. Message us via the chat window if you want us to activate one of the forms in your account. You can edit keep the changing the template form content and design from your account.

Can I build multi-step forms with LeadGen App?

Yes, LeadGen App is build to for multi-step form design. The form-builder makes it very easy to create multi-step forms, even long forms with lots of steps.

Can I build calculators with LeadGen App?

You can build calculator forms that generate a score based on answers selected in the form. For example, you ask a series of questions using dropdown or select buttons, then you can create a formula that creates a result based on those choices. Your lead score will show up in the lead response data and can also be shown to the person filling the form. Simply define your formula and then paste the calculator short code into the form thank-you message to display the results to the lead instantly.

Can I use LeadGen App for multiple websites & clients?

You can use your LeadGen App account for multiple websites and clients, e.g. in PPC lead generation campaigns. You can add forms for several clients into one account and set up individual integrations, notifications, etc. based on each form. We don’t support an agency account structure with separate client logins yet.