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How It Works

 Easily build custom forms 

 Unlimited form design options
 No coding skills required
 Multi-step forms to qualify leads
 A/B testing to scale up conversions
and much more
Crystal B.
The best leads app I've ever used!☺I love how easy it is to use this app! The forms are very versatile so they can be catered to any business! It is very easy for the lead forms to be integrated into a website. It is so simple to check & monitor the analytics too. Best part? It's free! 10/10☹The only con would be you're only aloud to have one free form with your account.
Stavroula S.
An Amazing tool for building up forms online The LeadGen team was very helpful. We got not only a software but a team that were supporting us and help us build forms without coding skills☺Flexibility on creating complex forms. The fact that I can use my styles☹nothing really. I'm very happy from everything
Rachel W.
Great product☺Easy to use. Functions well. User friendly .☹Nothing at all. I haven't found anything that gives me problems yet.
Junior T.
Excellent and above the crowd at what it does So far for us it has been the perfect mix between performance, ease of use and flexibility. I can't recommend highly enough!☺One of the biggest pros of LeadGen compared to other form builders is that it does not damage your load time, thus your SEO ranking. Another pro is the numerous integrations possibilities it offers via webhooks, zapier, etc... Last but not the least: we actually get the leads and the support is excellent.☹This is more of a feature request than a con: I would love to one day be able to accept payments right from my LeadGen forms: that will be save us a lot of time.
Miguel H.
The Best Form Builder It is very simple to use and setting up the logic has given our end-users the ability to narrow down the type of content they wish to subscribe for.☺LeadGen has a dashboard where you can see the incoming leads, stats, and tracking. Also it has a useful webhook to push the leads into other platforms.☹We like to the software and have no issues with it. It is a solid solution with great customer support.
George G.
Our contact form were done very quickly using leadgen☺Our contact form were done very quickly and integrated with our react project without any issues. We can now change the form without need to tell our developers to make any changes.Well done LeadGen☹Nothing all look great so far. They will come up with more features as they actively add more new things.
Richard H.
Smart Form Builder a Cut Above the Rest!☺It has a wide array of fields that you can add, as well as complete customization on the look whether that be the font, colour, background etc. We also loved the fact that it had conditional logic so that you can hide fields and pages to users when its not relevant to them. The on-boarding process is very slick to with helpful guidance and vert prompt response from the customer services team. The only other thing I'd say is that it has a wide range of integration capabilities whether that be via webhooks, CRMs, Zapier etc and so you really can slot it straight into your systems and software very easily.☹Whilst its not really a con and I think its already on the cards, it would be great if users could receive an SMS alert when they submit the form so they know its been received and have contact info on their phone should they need to follow up. Another cool upgrade would be if the forms could be available in IOS and Android mobile apps as a plugin or something.
Orkun A.
Very intuitive tool for creating forms We needed a smart looking form on our website to replace existing outdated one. This one fits the bill perfectly.☺User-friendliness and ample resources and support. Highly customizable form creator.☹We would like to see a simpler shopify integration in the future.
Angus P.
Review Easy to use and nicely designed forms in very little time!☺The design of the forms they look really good☹The lac of technical features eg calculator and stuff
Laura D.
LeadGen App - Practical excellence at a great price The advantage of the LeadGen App is that you can act quickly to collect data about your audience and learn more about what your audience wants. You can implement, test and refine your approach very quickly.☺The software is easy to use and customise. I can set up a new form quickly and see the results in the same day.☹I haven't had any problems. And there are regular updates based on user feedback.

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Build Beautiful Forms Quickly

LeadGen builder for lead capture forms

Easily create custom lead capture & multi-step forms in just a few minutes, without any coding skills!

Use different question types like short & long text, image/ icon buttons, multiple-choice, email, date selection, address & country and more.

Enhance your LeadGen forms with textboxes, images, conditional question trees and calculators.

  • Intuitive form-builder
  • Embed code
  • ReCAPTCHA fields
  • Different question types
  • GDPR checkboxes
  • Calculator feature
LeadGen builder for lead capture forms

Highlight Feature: Multi-Step Forms

“My search for the perfect lead generating form was finally over when I found LeadGen. I needed a simple, yet powerful and highly customizable multi-form. LeadGen checks all of my boxes and is the perfect solution to creating high-converting lead pages!

 Naomi Verlin, Fafco solarNaomi Verlin
 Marketing Manager, Fafco Solar 5 stars trustpilot    

Customise LeadGen form design -  LeadGen builder

Make Your Form Stand Out: Themes & Unlimited Designs

LeadGen online form builder - Design editor

Wide range of form design options to give your form the exact look & feel of your brand.

Buttons, shadows, fonts, background – Define your form design in every dimension.

Once embedded into your website, LeadGen forms can be edited via custom CSS – Let your creative juices flow!

  • Custom Design & Styling
  • Advanced CSS form styling
  • Custom form dimensions
  • Responsive forms

Catapult Your Conversion Rates

LeadGen App online form builder -  AB test panel

Monitor key metrics and improve form performance with tracking dashboard.

Run A/B tests to compare different form variations on a single landing page. 

Increase conversions with LeadProof popups that feature your most recent leads as social proof on your landing page.

  • Lead dashboard
  • A/B testing
  • Unlimited form variants
  • LeadProof popups
  • Tracking & Experiments

Growth Studio Founder Rayan Jawad on why LeadGen forms help him get more conversions

Highlight Feature: LeadProof

I have seen great increases in conversion rates with LeadGen (…). I’ve replaced all forms across many client websites to LeadGen forms and every single one has seen an increase in inquiries. Great software and great support from the team.”

 Carlos LunaCarlos Luna
 Founder, The Feel Marketing 5 stars trustpilot    

LeadProof Pop Up Feature | LeadGen Builder

LeadProof popups show captured leads as real-time action to get more conversions on your web-page.

Generating email leads with forms process

Accelerate Lead-Follow-Up to Convert more Leads to Sales

Generating email leads with forms process

Connect Lead forms to Thank-you messages or redirect to any URL after submission.

Receive email notifications to quickly follow-up process that converts leads into new sales.

Increase lead quality by using ReCAPTCHA fields & Geo-fencing to limit form visibility based on the user’s country.

  • Thank-you message
  • Geo-fencing
  • Conditional flows
  • Redirect to URL
  • IP-based response restriction
  • Self-notification (Email) 

Highlight Feature: Conditional Flows

I have referred LeadGen App to probably 15-20 people. It combines the interactive nature of chatbots into a form.
Can’t recommend this product enough

 Ron ValderramaRon Valderrama
 Founder, Stream Now Creative 5 stars trustpilot

Conditional flows in LeadGen Builder

Integrate With Your
Marketing Stack

Integrations to LeadGen forms via Zapier

Integrate forms to your other online marketing software & tools via webhooks.

Connect your leads to your email lists, your CRM or other tools via 1000+ integrations through our Zapier App.

Track the traffic sources of your captured leads by assigning UTM parameters via hidden field names.

LeadGen App Form Builder integrations to other apps

Full List of Features

#1 Lead Capture

Check Intuitive form-builder
Check Build multi-step forms
Check Unlimited form design
Check Unlimited questions per form
Check Save/activate form themes
Check Different question types
Check Responsive form design
Check Custom form dimensions

Check Visual image/icon choices
Check Embed codes
Check Direct form URL share link
Check Advanced styling via CSS

#2 Lead Management 

Check Access lead data
Check Unlimited form variants
Check Export leads to csv and excel
Check Lead dashboard
Check Form A/B testing
Check Geo-Fencing
Check IP-based response restriction

Check Validation (email, phone)
Check LeadProof popups
Check Lead Scoring
Check Email self-notifications
Check Notification white-label

#3 User Experience 

Check Thank-you message
Check Redirect to URL
Check Conditional flows
Check Build Calculators
Check Email self-notifications
Check Notification white-label
Check Form progress bar

Check GDPR checkboxes
Check Integrations via Zapier
Check Webhooks integrations
Check Enable Google reCAPTCHA
Check Review before submission

Common Questions & Answers

If you’ve got a question about LeadGen App, we’ve probably heard it before.
Get answers here.

Who is LeadGen App built for?

LeadGen App is a lead generation web app, built for anyone working on websites and digital marketing campaigns, like ad campaign managers, content marketers, bloggers, inbound marketers and marketing & web agencies.

How is it free?

The Basic account is free forever. You can use it to create one form with most of the features.


Does LeadGen integrate with CRM & 3rd party tools?

Yes, we have a Zapier integration to connect with thousands of other tools. Also, you can connect LeadGen forms via webhooks integration.

Are LeadGen forms compliant with GDPR standards?

Yes, LeadGen forms can be enhanced with GDPR fields and checkboxes to inform leads about your data collection policies and to obtain consent for email newsletter subscriptions.

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes. LeadGen App encrypts lead data and securely stores it in a cloud database. We take regular data backups and our cloud service provider ensures the backup of the full server. We comply with GDPR standards and ensure you can fully delete lead data from your database, e.g. upon user requests (Right to be forgotten).

Do you have examples of LeadGen forms?

You can check live form examples on our showcase page. Go here. We also got close to 100 online form templates that you can use with a LeadGen App account.

Can I upgrade and downgrade my plan anytime?

Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade your plan at any time.

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