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Multi-Step Forms

Get more leads by breaking your online forms into user-friendly step forms.

Multi-step form design
Multi step lead form for marketing agency

Why Use Multi-Step Forms? 

Multi-step forms, also called multi-page or wizard forms are effective tools to generate leads and collect customer data.

Multi-step forms can be used for many different goals: Winning new leads, qualifying leads, running surveys, collecting applications and more.

Multi-Step Form Benefits
  • Improve user experience
  • Less drop-offs
  • More flexible 
  • Show conditional flows
  • Multiple form endings 
  • Add text, images, GIFs

Multi-Step Form Templates 

Choose from 100+ ready-built multi-step form templates and designs.
Use our conversion-optimized templates, replace your standard web forms and capture more leads.  

Lead Capture Forms

Website Contact Forms

Lead Qualification Forms

Calculator/ Interactive forms

Survey/ Giveaways

Industry-specific Templates

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"My search for the perfect lead generating form was finally over when I found LeadGen. I needed a simple, yet powerful and highly customizable multi-form. I needed it to effectively capture/track leads, AND embed in my websites/landing pages. LeadGen checks all of my boxes and is the perfect solution to creating high-converting lead pages!"


Naomi Verlin

Fafco Solar, Digital Marketer

"We were looking for a fast and simple form creator for our campaigns to capture leads. Even more, LeadGen has exceeded our expectations, thanks to its easy customization and optimization for all devices. We love it!"


Nozomu Kubota

KOBIT, Founder

"Anyone looking for a slick replacement for clunky contact forms should check out LeadGen App. Easily customisable and integrates with existing systems - we love it!"


Phil Gooch

Scholarcy, Founder

Visual Image/Icon Choices 

Make your form design stand out by uploading images to your choices or by choosing from icon library


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How To Create Multi-Step Forms

Easily create custom designed forms with the intuitive LeadGen App multi-step form builder

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