10 SEO Link-Building Techniques That Work in 2023

Let's start our article with some interesting statistics. Roughly 252,000 websites emerge daily. Every minute, about 175 new websites are made. There are about 1,13 billion websites on the Internet in 2023. However, only 18% of them are actively used and updated.

This rapid increase in the number of resources makes search robots more demanding in their approach to ranking.


If you have a website and want to promote it successfully, develop an effective SEO strategy. One of the crucial SEO components is the backlink profile. You can hire the best link building services to generate high quality backlinks without breaking your backs. You can also have a look at the top link-building strategies for 2023 and beyond.

Press Releases 

Posting press releases is a great way to build backlinks and achieve other important goals. Versatile technology remains highly relevant in 2023, suitable for notifying the target audience about upcoming events and promotions. You can use press releases to promote products and services, improve your company's reputation, etc. Here are some tips on how to write compelling press releases that work.

1. Compose an attention-grabbing headline.

2. Integrate appropriate keywords.

3. Keep sentences and paragraphs short.

4. Place the critical information at the beginning.

5. Include a link to your website.

6. Add contact details for inquiries.

Where should you place the press release? It would be best to have reputable, reliable sites with good traffic. We recommend using services like Collaborator to search for websites for posting press releases. It's simple, fast, and effective.

Broken Link Building

It is essential to build new links. But it is equally important to monitor existing ones. Use tools from Majestic or Ahrefs to find broken links. The owners of the resources where your content is posted are also not interested in having pages with broken links. It is beneficial for you to encourage them to replace the links.



Link Reclamation

You might be surprised, but your company name can be used without linking to your website. It is especially true if you have a well-known brand, at least within the region. You can benefit from this, too. Using Google Alerts, find mentions of your brand without a link and email the owner or administrator of the resource, asking them to post a link to your website.

Content Marketing

The essence is straightforward. Create valuable content that other users will want to share. While focusing on content creation, it's also beneficial to explore advanced link building tactics that can further enhance your website's visibility and authority. We agree that this is easier said than done. We did the research and identified three types of content that work very well.

1. Step-by-step instructions: Tell users how to install and connect a CCTV camera, for example.

2. Expert reviews: Be honest with your audience. Cover not only the pros but also the disadvantages of the products.

3. Interview: Invite an expert or influencer to a conversation that would be of interest to your potential clients.

Create helpful content that could solve specific problems of your audience. Use different formats (text, video, images). Look for something other than hype topics, as this approach brings short-term results and harms your company's reputation.




How do you like to receive information? Through text or pictures? Most users respond well to a combination of text and visual material. We're talking now about infographics. Use it to get links to your site. To make your work easier, we found some fantastic services for creating infographics: Canva, Venngage, Piktochart, and Visme.

Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper Technique is a link-building technique created by Brian Dean of Backlinko. It involves identifying high-performing content in your niche, making even better content, and then reaching out to websites that link to the original content to suggest that they link to your improved piece. 



By analyzing existing successful content and tracking your campaign results, you can gain a deeper understanding of what resonates with your target audience. Backlinks acquired through the Skyscraper Technique are more stable and long-lasting, as they are based on the quality and relevance of your content. It means the benefits of your link-building efforts can grow over time.

Influencer Outreach

It would be odd not to use the power of public opinion to promote a project on the Internet in 2023. Many of your potential clients follow bloggers on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks. You, too, have probably seen reels and stories of a blogger trying on a new image and giving a link to a store or testing a new gadget and giving a link to a store as well. So, you can get a link to your website this way. All you have to do is find a reputable influencer and build communication with them.

Local Citations

The essence of this technique is that you get mentions of your company on other resources. Ideally, the quote contains the company name, address, phone number, business specifics, and a link to your website. What platforms can you use to implement this technique?

1. Booking sites.

2. Aggregators.

3. Catalogs.

4. Articles.

5. Event pages

6. Profiles on social networks.

The more mentions, the better. But it would help if you did not get too much not to arouse the suspicion of search robots.



Social Media and Community Engagement

These techniques help build relationships, expand online presence, and earn high-quality backlinks. How to use them? First, you should identify online communities (Telegram, Reddit, Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn), forums, discussion boards, and social media groups relevant to your niche or industry.

Then, join these communities and actively participate in discussions. Contribute meaningful, informative, and relevant content to establish yourself as a knowledgeable and helpful partner.




Resource Pages

Resource pages curate and list helpful resources, links, and tools related to a specific topic or industry. You can use them to get backlinks for your website. Start with searching for relevant pages. Reach out to the web admins or owners of the resource pages with a personalized email.

Suggest where your resource should be included and provide a description. After publishing your content, be sure to track backlinks. 

Final Thoughts

Remember that successful link-building is about quality, not quantity. Focus on building high-quality, relevant, and natural backlinks. Avoid black-hat SEO techniques like buying links, as search engines penalize such practices. It's also paramount to stay updated with the latest SEO trends and search engine algorithms to ensure your link-building efforts align with the best approaches.

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