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How companies & marketers grow their businesses with LeadGen App.

LeadGen Helped Us Turn Our Blog Into Lead-Generating Sites

“I had a fantastic experience. I set up a free trial and practice a little bit on the forms. I was able to customize my form and get it in my site within a few short days. I highly LeadGen App, they are very professional, courteous and very timely in their service and I would encourage you to work with them in the very near future.”

John Pitlick, TalkingVCard

Very Flexible Formbuilder

“With LeadGen we can be very flexible because now we can change forms on the fly. We don’t need to have an expensive development team and we can have exactly the same result. We found the ability to change the colours very useful.

There is a lot of other tools out there that don’t provide the same level of flexibility. With LeadGen you can create different, complex flows which normally would take ages.


George Georgiadis, Happierleads

We Reduced All Forms Into One

“We love using LeadGen App because very easy to use and simple to brand. More importantly, it has multi-step forms. When our end users come, they just go through multiple choices and it pushes you into a lead funnel. We used to have lots of forms on our website. Now we can have one form and guide end users with one click of a button, all in one form.”

Miguel Heinonen, CEO Heirizon

Become a Lead Generation Success Story

Unilever logo

Unilever uses LeadGen App as a
Customer Demand Feedback Platform.

Eagle Christian Tours

Eagle Christian Tours generated
2,475 New Bookings over the course of 12 months.

Achieving Much Higher Conversion Rates Than Any Other Form

“The principle of personalization to improve conversions is a very sound one. It applies to email, it applies to social media and websites. What LeadGen App is allowing personalization to occur within the lead generation forms. That’s the key principle as to why we always get a much higher conversion rate for our client on LeadGen App vs. any other form.”

Rayan Jawad, Growth Studio

LeadGen Helped Us Turn Our Blog Into Lead-Generating Sites

“LeadGen has allowed us to have campaigns in places we didn’t have campaigns before. That enables us to turn blog pages into lead generating sites. Furthermore, a lot of marketing tools aren’t easy to use. With LeadGen forms it’s very easy to handle it yourself, to create forms, change forms and make any changes I need to do as a content marketing manager.”

Laura Dolby, Cleantech Group

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