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Contact State Integration

Generate lead certificates for each form completion to validate quality, compliance, security & more.


Contact state integration

Contact State Integration

Contact State allows you to verify the provenance of your leads, to sell leads with sophisticated compliance requirements.

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Verify Form Responses &
Resell Leads to Data Buyers

Navigation arrow Using LeadGen App with Contact State you can resell your captured form leads with confidence. Contact State provides a certificate validating lead journey, data, marketing, compliance, consent, security, scoring and audit logs.


Navigation arrow Become a trusted lead generation service and work with corporate lead buyers like AXA Health, LifeSearch and Caspian Insurance who access, protect and maximize innovative lead generation campaigns with Contact State. 


Security and Compliance at LeadGen App

How Contact State Works

After integrating Contact State to LeadGen App, for every lead Contact State will generate  a certificate. The certificate URL is available within few minutes after lead submission and details several compliance and security relevant data points that sophisticated lead buyers rely on. 


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Checks conducted for every lead

lead journey Lead Journey

  • Is lead person or bot
  • Device information
  • Landing page information
  • URL referrer data


data  Data

  • Record of form field names
  • Fake input data detection
  • Email duplicate detection
  • Phone number duplicate detection


 marketing Marketing

  • Advert tracking
  • UTM data
  • URL Data 


data  Compliance

  • Recording user view on of form fields on:

    • Web view
    • Tablet view
    • Mobile view


 consent Consent

  • Positive opt-ins
  • Page legal documents
  • Warnings and notices


data  Security


  • Site security
  • HTTPS certificate

 Scoring Scoring

  • Overview of the outcome decisions for each certificate

Contact State scoring info


Configure Contact State
How to configure Contact State in LeadGen App

How to use Contact State in
LeadGen App Forms

Connecting LeadGen App Forms to Contact State to generate lead certificates is easy. Using our native integration, you’ll be ready to go in 3 simple steps, no coding skills needed:

1. Login to Contact State and grab your landing page ID and Secret key
2. In Your LeadGen App Form, navigate to Integrations
3. Connect Contact State integration


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