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A/B Forms Testing

Get higher lead conversions with online form A/B testing in LeadGen App.


Form A/B testing
A/B testing in multi-step forms

Forms Testing with A/B Tests to Grow Conversions

Forms are the key interface that makes visitors convert into leads. A/B testing your lead forms will help you continuously grow conversion rates without changing a single element of your web-page.

LeadGen App conversion tests are fully automated: Simply duplicate your champion variant, make edits to create a new variant and start the form experiment.

Form A/B Testing Benefits

  • Set-up A/B tests in seconds
  • Split test your variants
  • Reduce drop-offs


  • No code needed
  • Track inside LeadGen App 
  • Create and test unlimited variants

Forms Testing with LeadGen App:
3 Simple Steps to Create an A/B Test

The easiest way to set-up lead generation form conversion tests

A/B test - Two multi-step form variants overview

Forms Testing based on different form structure

How to Get Reliable Data in Form Experiments

Getting reliable data in a lead form experiments requires the right amount of traffic and good A/B testing principles. There are dozens of parameters you can change in a form. To get valuable learnings, stick to only changing one parameter. Test your lead forms based one of these characteristics.

  • Form structure & steps
  • Number of questions
  • Question content
  • Form design & colours
  • Call-to-action button 
  • Personalization/ Conditional forms

Quickly A/B Test Lead Forms on a Single Landing Page

Easily create lead forms and run A/B tests without any coding skills