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Google Analytics Integration

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Track Your Lead Submissions in Google Analytics

With The LeadGen App Google Analytics integration you can easily keep track of the following events:

  • Form submission
  • Form interaction
  • Step passed


Google Analytics
Google Analytics stats
Your form events in Google Analytics events

Find Out Where Form Visitors Drop Off

By connecting LeadGen App with Google Analytics, you will be able to find out which form step causes the most friction, resulting in form abandonment.

Easily create several GA events that measure the interaction or completion of a form step. Spot weak points in your form journey and gradually improve conversion rates.

How It Works

All you need is your Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID which you can add under your form settings. Read the full set-up guide covering the steps to use the LeadGen App <> Google Analytics integration below.

Tracking ID set-up

Easily Integrate LeadGen App with Google Analytics

Measure your form step interaction and completion rates