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Product News.

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Release 2.28.0


We have released the latest changes to the production server.


New Features

  • 1. Form events with script execution. 

    Track events like Form interactions and successful/failed submissions on your form with our new Tracking Events feature. This feature can be found on the Form overview page as shown in the image below.

    2. Number input question type. 

    New Number input question type added with min/max functionality.


    3. New pricing plans added.  

    Get access to up to 300 forms with our new Enterprise monthly/yearly plan.


    4.  Bulk upload choices. 

    With this new feature, you can now add many choices to your Single/Multiselect questions with just one click. You can also upload choices via CSV.

    5. Email validation – Ability to block Gmail, Hotmail, or any non-company email. 

    This feature can be found in the Advanced settings of the Email type question.

    6. Improved default Form progress bar.

    Improved progress bar with stripe animation and added ability to change the position. The settings for that can be found in Design>Uielements> Form


    •  Themes representation improvement.
    •  Added placeholder text for dropdown.
    •  Added settings to change the font size and height of the selected buttons.
    •  Added Reset stats functionality to the form.
    •  Higher font sizes are included for image/icon button text.
    •  Added more text size options to the textbox elements.
    •  Added an option to change the GDPR link color.

Release 2.27.0


We have released the latest changes to the production server.


New Features

  • Google Authentication: Now login/signup using your Google account.
  • Contact State Integration: Verify leads with New Contact State integration.
  • New Form Overview Page Design: New design makes it easier to switch between tabs, and access leads and form settings quicker. Ability to start A/B test via form traffic mode setting from the form overview page.


  • Form Services added to Help Page
  • Relevant content in thank you message for templates
  • Fixed payload issue with Post form data feature
  • Enable/Disable Two-Factor Authentication (Admin feature can be requested via support)


Contact State Integration Launch

Date: 21/05/2022

Contact State integration

NEW Contact State Integration: We are now providing a native integration with Contact State, a leading lead verification software used by Europe’s best and most trusted lead generation firms like AXA Health, LifeSearch and Caspian Insurance. Contact State generates a certificate for every captured form lead and evaluates lead journey details, data, marketing, consent, compliance, security and more. Within minutes your lead buyers get clear insight into lead quality, helping you proof the quality of your lead generation campaigns. Learn More Here

Agency Partner Program Launched

Date: 14/03/2022

Certified LeadGen App Agency Partner Logo

The new LeadGen App Agency Partner program helps digital marketing agency get recognized for their achievements and showcased to acquire more clients. Being a Certified LeadGen App Agency Partner has multiple benefits like getting featured inside the app to get in front of hundreds of businesses worldwide that need your services, getting featured on the website and earning a LeadGen App Agency Partner Badge.

Learn More Here

Improved Form Load Speed

Date: 11/03/2022

We have made improvements to form load speed. Forms load up 50% faster now, helping you capture more leads. 


Release 2.25.0


We have released the latest changes to the production server.


New Features

  • Added two-factor authentication for additional security.
  • Added search filter, bulk duplicate & delete.
  • Added an option to edit the Date question placeholder. Enhanced one input box skin in date question.


  • Date input boxes issues fixed.
  • Continue button issues fixed.
  • Source URL in lead lists issues fixed.
  • Icons on continue and back buttons active/hover color issue fixed.
  • Choose date field issue fixed.

Release 2.26.0


We have released the latest changes to the production server.



  • Validation added to the register page and two-factor authentication.
  • Added courses to the help page.
  • Onboarding funnel enhancements.
  • Search filter enhancements.
  • Account expiry issue fixed.
  • Tick box color palette issue fixed.

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