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Google Cloud Integration

Easily provide user address autocomplete in your forms via Google Places API integration.


Request free valuation multi step lead form

The Most User-Friendly Way to Ask for Address Data

Using the Google Places LeadGen App integration, your users can fill their address details without the hassle of typing it all manually. Provide your users the option to:

  • Search for address
  • Look up post code to auto fill address 
  • Connect forms to global address database
  • Up-to-date address data


Google autocomplete
Request valuation address form using Google autocomplete

Look-up Feature: Google autocomplete in a property valuation form

Post Code Look-up to Simplify Address Forms

Post code look-up saves your users time in providing their full address details. Using the search feature in LeadGen App forms, turns a post code entry into an address in less than a second. 

Address Search and Autocomplete

Use a search field instead of multiple address input boxes and show relevant address options in dropdown. Users can type any address-relevant input such as post-code, street name and town and then select their full address from autocomplete dropdown.

Sell my house post code form

Search Address Feature: Real-time address suggestions from dropdown based on user input

Easily Integrate LeadGen App with Google Cloud

Create user-friendly online forms and capture more leads today.