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Business-to-business companies have never been so productive these days. Said companies are here to ensure that their clients – other businesses – have what they need anytime, anywhere.

For example, for companies needing a more secure way to have their users electronically sign something, they can turn to B2B companies like DocuSign. DocuSign was designed to allow for safer e-signing without jeopardizing the signer’s data.

The point is, businesses can help each other in more ways than one. That’s why it’s important to market your products and or services to the businesses that you want to help.

Want to learn more? Good news! You can listen to a podcast!

Yes, podcasts have become mainstream to listen to discussions about almost anything. It is easier than ever to create a podcast and they cover almost any subject imaginable. In fact, there are now podcasts for – you guessed it – B2B marketing!

Get started in your podcast binge-listening with these 7 B2B marketing podcasts!
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The FlipMyFunnel Podcast 

FlipMyFunnel is a marketing podcast that treats you to humor and passion, as it talks about B2B marketing, along with making great sales and succeeding in entrepreneurship,” says Renae Williams, a B2B blogger at Paperfellows and Do My Assignment. “The host Sangram Vajre brings in leading thinkers and other marketing experts into authentic and insightful discussions about marketing trends. While the show concluded back in late 2021, their website is still up, and listeners can treat themselves to relevant marketing information.”

Great episodes include:

  • Is Seth Godin’s 5 Step Marketing Framework Right For You?
  • How to Build a Killer B2B Brand
  • How To Build A Better Brand With Storytelling


    The Customer Experience Podcast 

Which sounds better? A happy customer or a disgruntled customer?

Now let’s think about this in B2B marketing terms. Which is better? A client that’s happy to do business with you? Or a client that doesn’t want to do business with you?

As you can see, customer experience is a crucial part of B2B marketing. Businesses are the consumers when they’re clients to other businesses. That’s why it’s important for B2B businesses to ensure a positive and effective customer experience all the time. 

This podcast explains the following that makes for a customer experience:

  • The customer journey
  • Brand touchpoints (including pain points)
  • Possible environments for customer experience to either thrive or fail

As these topics are explained, listeners will get a better idea on how to make customer experience successful in each business dealing. You’ll hear great advice from authors, thought leaders, marketing experts, etc.

Recent episodes include:

  • Empathy, Listening, and Human Centricity
  • Features Are Commodities, Feelings Are Differentiators
  • Delivering Connected CX By Improving Go-To-Market Strategy


    Marketing Companion

Marketing Companion is like having a marketing expert in your pocket… literally!

Hosted by marketing author Mark Schaefer and marketing expert Brooke Sellas, the Marketing Companion podcast know how to talk… well, marketing! If you want a dash of humor in your podcast, they have that too! Their ideas are fun and informative, and they never hesitate to give it to you straight.

Recent episodes include:

  • The unexposed relationship between content, creativity and money
  • The underrated role of marketing habits
  • How does content work in the world today?

    B2B Growth

B2B Growth is hosted by a think-tank group that talk B2B marketing from the concept to the philosophies to buyer personas. On each episode, the group brings in a B2B marketer, an executive, or a thought leader to discuss this form of marketing, and what can be done to improve it. 

Recent episodes include:

  • The Best Book I've Read On Branding
  • Automation Ideas to Create Magical Moments for Prospects
  • Thought Leaders Guide to Building a Magnetic Personal Brand

    The Data-Driven Marketer 

B2B marketing is all about the data. The Data-Driven Marketer podcast is all about understanding the data that contributes to this form of marketing. 

The podcast will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • The generation of high consumer demands
  • Meeting high business demands
  • Various marketing operations
  • Sales operations, etc.

On each episode, industry experts talk about the B2B market, as well as the ideas and solutions that can work towards bettering the industry. 

Great episodes to check out on this podcast include: 

  • Media Monitoring: What to Measure in 2021
  • High-Growth Strategies for Customer Experience in 2021
  • Digital Marketing and ABM During COVID-19.

    I Love Marketing 

“Marketing is, of course, this podcast’s favorite topic,” says Jesse O’Reilly, a marketing writer at OXEssays and Custom Writing. “I Love Marketing is all about learning and innovation, when it comes to B2B marketing. From spotlighting startups to honoring entrepreneurs and small business owners, the hosts Dean Jackson and Joe Polish are ready to school listeners on the ins and outs of B2B marketing. The show brings in industry leaders and marketing experts, as they share their insights on the marketing industry, and how businesses can take advantage of B2B business.” 

Recent episodes of I Love Marketing include:

  • How to Build & Grow an Audience by Building a Persona
  • How to Attract More Right-Fit Clients, Increase Your Conversions, and Get Even More Repeat Business
  • Relationship Mastery: Communication, Excellence, and Emotional Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

    The VP Marketing Show 

Finally, The VP Marketing Show has your B2B marketing needs covered! 

Ever wondered how the top B2B companies have managed to do business really well these days? This podcast shows you what said companies do, how they do it, and how they continue to improve moving forward. From formulating strategies to executing said strategies, you’ll learn how these companies continue to be successful in their endeavors.

Great episodes include:

  • The No-BS Guide to Startup Marketing Leadership
  • The New B2B Marketing Playbook and Who’s Getting it Right
  • Building a Marketing Team, Buyer Enablement and More


So, there you have it!

Podcasts will continue to be a popular medium. As such, B2B marketing is one of the hot topics in the podcasting world. 

Want to learn more about B2B marketing? No longer will you have to pay to go to a conference or virtual meeting… when you can listen from your smartphone, your computer, or wherever podcasts are streamed. 

So, consider these 7 B2B marketing podcasts, and learn how this thriving industry is paving the way for better business-to-business relations in terms of buying, selling, etc.

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