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How Google Brand Snippets Improve Brand Awareness

Featured snippets in Google are short snippets involving text and images. They can be found either near or at the top of the first page of Google’s search engine results page. Google features these snippets to answer certain kinds of search queries quickly.

Appearing in a featured snippet at the top of Google’s Search Pages is hard work. It is a task that evolves continuously and digital marketers will find it challenging to drive more organic search traffic to their websites.

Search Snippet

Understanding the return on investment of featured snippets and the awareness they can help drive for brands is key in raising organic search traffic which can turn into new business/sales/marketing leads.

Businesses, brands and companies winning featured snippets have a competitive advantage in Google over those who have not made an effort. Users are more likely to see and click on snippets in results because they are prominently featured. Here are some benefits of why companies should win Google’s featured snippets for their brands online.

In what ways do search snippets help grow brand awareness?

Google Snippet

Users will see on Google SERPs a variety of snippets, especially the ‘People also ask’ section featuring relevant queries and other sites answering related questions. The content visible inside a featured snippet is automatically extracted from web pages in Google’s indexing. The search engine’s automated systems can find out whether or not would a page be a part of a featured snippet worth highlighting on a search request.

The most common formats of featured snippets used in Google are:

a. Definitions

b. Lists

c. Steps

d. Tables

These snippets are helpful as they are able to give precise and comprehensive answers to users’ queries. They are often in the web page’s contents in the form of a link, the page’s title, and the URL address. It is now time to review the way these snippets help grow brand awareness in many ways, as explained by experts from a web design company Dubai.

1. They are often found above organic search results

A featured snippet being on the top of a Google SERP helps bring more traffic to a website. It also leads to meaningful conversion in comparison to paid traffic.

While the snippet tells users the absolute fundamentals of answering their search query in an instant, searchers will usually click to learn and know more about the topic at hand. It means that winning snippets eventually lead to more traffic to a website. 

How and why? Simple: The snippet’s content can convince websites that the page has relevant information which can answer users’ queries.

2. Search snippets can bring in more prominent search results

As users move through search engine results, they will find the featured snippet standing out from others in a well-known manner in a highlighted box. As it takes more space on Google’s SERPs, the snippets draw the attention of users and hence make them more likely to click on them.

A featured snippet contains almost 8% of all clicks for each search being made. Those who can get content in the featured snippet can give the website’s organic click-through rate a much-needed boost.

3. Brands obtain topical authority

Obtaining authority and credibility as an authoritative source of information for certain topics is an effective content marketing tactic. The credibility of the content and by consequence, the brand’s credibility; can be validated when users see the brand in the featured snippets.

Getting featured in Google gives the website and its positions immense brand value and establishes the company as a thought leader with authentic and relevant information.

4. Voice accessibility and search are improved

Whether it is Alexa, Cortana, Google, Siri, or another smart technology driven by AI, there is no way the importance and popularity of voice search can be questioned. Google says that a third of the world's population is using voice search.

Featured snippets are prominent search results that are answers to voice search queries, across an array of devices. Winning a featured snippet helps brands become either the answer or part of it for popular and relevant voice search queries made.

To top it all, it helps make that company’s content become more accessible too.

Do companies pursue additional search snippets?

Search Snippet

Whilst featured snippets rank among the most commonly recognized search snippets, Google features other different kinds of rich results providing higher brand awareness for the company. Here are various additional search snippets users search for online:

1. The People Also Ask Snippet

A primary tactic to appear on featured snippets is making content specifically for answering queries. This positions content to win the ‘People Also Ask’ section or snippet, which is practically Google’s own version of FAQs which can be seen in most SERPs of Google.

Obtaining space in this part of Google’s SERP helps brands establish themselves as thought leaders. It proves that the brand knows the questions users have and hence provides accurate and thoughtful answers to their queries.

It even helps them gain favor with searchers on Google when content can answer their questions in an accurate and brief manner, which can help the website become more trustworthy.

2. Video Snippets are interesting

Brands are publishing video content backed by their digital marketing tactics, whether they are published through social media, websites, YouTube, or other digital channels. Google’s search algorithm favors videos and has determined that users prefer media format as content for answering their queries. This is the reason the search engine elevates videos as video snippets in search results.

3. Optimizing local search snippets

Local SEO and Local search snippets are distinct marketing tactics leveraged by businesses relying on local customers and physical foot traffic for growing both brand awareness and revenue. Google understands this and places various kinds of featured snippets for searches indicating a need for local goods and services.


They sound a bit complicated. Yet they are easy. Google brand snippets have helped improve brand snippets. They have helped add value and with integration of voice search, users can now search for their preferred brands and the information they need with ease.

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Sharik Rasool, Digital Marketer

Sharik Rasool is a consultant specializing in software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing and organic growth. He assists all sizes of businesses in achieving organic growth and acquiring customers through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing strategies driven by data. In his free time, Sharik contemplates strategies for startup growth, personal productivity, and remote work.

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