Boosting Sales with Essential Tools: A Guide to Increasing Revenue

Selling is a process that relies on automation just as much as it relies on creativity and understanding of one's target audience. Increasing revenue, something seen as an obvious end goal of a successful sales process, is impossible without building meaningful relationships with a brand's leads and customers, regularly improving the product or service, and, of course, attracting new leads through consistent brand promotion.

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The following tools are excellent assistants for different stages of a sales and marketing process — they can automate what needs automation, analyze what needs analyzing, and make sure your business grows steadily and organically.

Lead Acquisition & Engagement 

Leads, eventually converted into customers, are your primary sources of revenue. Lead generation software is the fundamental block that determines the success of any sales strategy. Of course, there is no 'one' way to acquire leads — the tactics may vary from using the best email-finding tool for cold marketing campaigns to tracking website visits and prompting people to share their contact details with you. Whatever the case, these tools can be beneficial.


SalesWings is a lightweight but very functional plugin that integrates into your business website and tracks visitor behavior. One of the best things about SalesWings is that it can automatically recognize lead temperature based on the visitor's actions and behavior — i.e., a quick bounce, some browsing, downloading materials, checking out pricing, etc.

Unlike Google Analytics, which only gives a snapshot of website visitors' actual behavior, SalesWings is very specific and can help marketers develop effective ways to engage leads based on their interests. 


Another great, multi-functional example that can help you acquire new leads and expand your marketing database. SignalHire is a directory of verified professional contacts that can be bulk-searched by practically any parameter you have in mind — industry, job title, company name, location, etc. The tool works wonders in B2B marketing because it allows you to get instant access to multiple contacts based on your specific segmenting criteria.

Finding Bulk Emails and Phone Numbers with SignalHire - WizardSourcer

But it can also search individually, by name, and has a browser plugin that integrates with social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, even GitHub) and extracts user contact data in a click. So, with a bit of patience, it can enrich a B2C database, too — just add suitable prospects you find online one by one.


Woorise advertises itself as an all-in-one lead generation platform, and, in a way, it is. The service cannot look up contact data or track website user behavior, but it has hundreds of landing page templates, education materials, puzzles, quizzes, ready-made website forms, etc. So, it's more of a lead engagement platform — but that matters, too, if you want visitors to share their contact details for further marketing.

Sales Intelligence & Prospecting

Sales intelligence and prospecting is the next logical stage of a revenue-generating sales process. Once again, there is no one-fit-all prospecting approach, but the essence is trying to predict the behavior of existing leads based on any previous actions or other input data salespeople have. But, of course, prospecting won’t work on a wild guess. These tools can help you make more calculated predictions. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

Even though LinkedIn primarily positions its premium Sales Navigator as a targeting tool, it also has a superb prospecting capability. For starters, it can monitor various threads and discussions in your industry and across your connections' networks to come up with personalized marketing suggestions based on your prospects' behavior. It can also inform sales managers about any changes in prospects' online activity (changed location, changed job title, company, etc.) to prompt marketers for action.

What's New in LinkedIn Sales Navigator | Digital Marketing Institute

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a versatile service with many features, but its targeting and prospecting capabilities are practically unparalleled. The only drawback is that Sales Navigator can only access data users share on their LinkedIn profiles. 

Dun & Bradstreet 

Dun & Bradstreet is one of the few proud business examples that have been providing professionally-tailored commercial analytics for almost 200 years. The corporation was founded in 1841 as a centralized reporting system, and now, Dun & Bradstreet's database contains more than 500 million business records worldwide.

This is the most advanced service for B2B sales because if there is anything to know about any company, Dun & Bradstreet knows it. Access to their info can help you make informed decisions about prospective clients' needs and buying readiness. 


This is an excellent example of an intelligence-focused tool because Leadfeeder tracks website visitors even when they remain anonymous. The cloud-based service can tell businesses exactly who visited their site, where the visitors came from, and what they were interested in. In a way, it's very similar to SalesWings, but with a more advanced intelligence capability.

Leadfeeder Tracker: Next-Level IP Match Rate

Leadfeeder also gives visitors a score based on their behavior (and all other intelligence data the tool knows) and prompts salespeople to reach out to the hottest leads first. 

Analytics & Sales Acceleration 

Technically, prospecting and lead acquisition software provide analytics that accelerates sales, too. Still, some SaaS platforms make insightful data aimed at streamlining sales their top priority. These tools are the cherry on top when sales prospecting and analytics are concerned, and different from less advanced forecasting platforms, sales analytics, and acceleration tools can work with very little data and still make informed predictions.

The top examples in this category include:


Aviso is a multi-functional platform that relies on AI for sales forecasting. The tool analyzes the behavior of your existing leads and carefully summarizes the data in surprisingly accurate reports. Aviso is designed to help sales manager optimize their pipelines, eliminate all flaws, and ensure streamlined lead interaction. The tool can also be very useful for CFOs because its analytics capability can cover more than just one sales funnel management. 


Another AI-powered tool designed to accelerate the sales process and increase revenue. It can help with pretty much anything — forecasting, revenue analytics, sales engagement, and conversation intelligence.

Revenue Platform | Clari

According to Forrester's Research, Clari is one of the most powerful tools in 2023 that can generate up to 448% more ROI. This enterprise-level solution controls a business's overall revenue formula and offers dozens of essential sales insights in one place. 

Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight is a powerful analytics tool that can take business intelligence to a new level. Unlike most other multi-featured analytics software, QuickSight is relatively simple to use. It has a very intuitive dashboard that comprehensibly visualizes data and suggests prompts to accelerate decision-making in a business of any scale.

Amazon QuickSight is a must-have for IT development companies because it also helps streamline the development process. But its advanced analytics, embedded in any website, can also work outside the development industry. 

AWS QuickSight - Full Course 2023 ! | Udemy

These tools can help you streamline the sales process to achieve higher revenues while determining the correct combination of professional services to ensure you maximize your sales and marketing budget. After all, staying on a budget is also important to maintain an optimized sales strategy, and many of these apps combine multiple — often overlapping even — features that eliminate the necessity of paying for a dozen different subscription-based services you barely use.

So, the last tip is to try as many tools as you can to shortlist the highest-performing, most versatile helpers that work best for your business. 

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