How Banks & Financial Institutions Instill Trust With Landing Pages?

Landing Page

High performance landing pages are a result of extensive research, testing, and optimization, with every pixel, graphic, and word contributing to conversions in the end, or the lack of it. When executed to perfection, a landing page can instill trust, all the while providing a semblance of credibility, and nowhere is this more evident than the landing pages of leading banks and financial institutions.

1) Consistency Across Brand & Messaging

While most banks and financial institutions maintain a number of different landing pages, aimed at different products, services, and audiences, the level of consistency across these pages is often a marvel in itself. Everything from the color schemes, to the typography, the copywriting style, to the style of visuals used, remain consistent across the landing page, home page, and even banners across the site.

This not only sets the tone for the brand, but helps visitors feel a part of the same family when clicking-through different pages and CTAs. Every component on a page, down to its smallest pixel is part of the user experience as a whole, and while subtle variations may not be that explicit, it does subliminally influence users on trust and security, leaving an imprint on overall conversion rates.

Landing Page

2) Mindful of Terms, Conditions & Privacy

A privacy policy, and terms of conditions page is almost a prerequisite for most landing pages, and remains all the more essential when dealing with financial and banking products.

Most such sites make extensive use of cookies, for retargeting, as well as better understanding visitors, in which case it is necessary to take permission from the user, and be fully compliant with GDPR norms. Just including a section on terms and conditions, along with a privacy policy page, helps project a semblance of professionalism for most users.

Pages with opt-in forms, collecting names, email addresses, and other details, often include a quick statement regarding how their details will be used, along with a pledge not to spam, or sell their information.

3) Avoid Sales & Gimmicky Language

There is certainly a time and place for ‘LIMITED Time Offer’, ‘Guaranteed Returns’, and ‘Massive Discounts,’ and the likes, but approaching a critical service such as banking and finance isn’t one of them. 

This also extends to the general copy, as when it comes to financial products, users want to be treated as rational adults, and respond to straightforward answers, without being led on with salesy gimmicks.

Any self-respecting individual would likely think twice before trusting their hard earned money with a landing page that tries to pull-off such tactics. 

Just a quick glance through the landing pages of bigwigs such as Wells Fargo, Vanguard, and off-late SoFI banking should make it clear that the best approach within this niche is being precise, concise, and to-the-point, with no unnecessary fillers, or fluff statements.

4) Certifications and Security badges

Beyond this, any lingering doubts and anxieties are quelled with the strategic placements of certification, recognition, and authorization badges. Brokerage firms often include a FINRA badge on their landing pages, whereas banks include FDIC, apart from Verisign, Truste, BBB Accredited, and more.

Such signages lend further authenticity and authority to a landing page, distilling any and all fears that the visitor might still harbor.

Final Words

These are few of the commonly observed practices on the landing pages of financial institutions, all of which can be easily included in other pages and sales funnels to build trust, authority, and credibility. 

Even subtle changes are known to result in big impacts on conversion rates, which is why when it comes to landing pages, changing, testing, and optimizing is a never ending process of constant improvement.

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