How To Optimize Your CTAs to Generate More Leads

In this post, we will be talking about CTAs and what you can do to generate clicks to CTAs and get more leads.

Likes and even views for content can be great but they don’t really tell you if your content is doing well or not.

When you create content for lead generation, set business goals, and KPIs to derive the impact of the buyer’s journey. YOu can pinpoint which content is getting action.

Lead generation uses different tactics. There is paid advertising, calls to action, and landing pages. CTAs are used across landing pages, inside online stores, and in other relevant areas.

But getting qualified leads is a challenge most businesses face. Before you spend any money zero down on one strategy.

How to Generate Leads With CTAs and Landing Pages

Your CTAs and landing pages help you track and optimize the number of leads you get from your website. Leads are the lifeblood of B2B SaaS examples.

CTA is short for call to action. It’s the part of your content that instructs potential readers on what to do next. The action must align with your Key Performance Indicators. Here is an example of CTA from Eachnight content. You can also place CTA buttons on content marketing pages

Landing pages complement CTA buttons. CTAs encourage readers to access landing pages for information. The landing page invites visitor action and offers gated content in return for contact information.

How to Optimize Your CTAs and Landing Pages for Lead Generation

Here are the steps to take to create CTAs and landing pages that will get you the highest number of leads from your site.

1. Review CTAs through the lens of a buyer.

Visitors stream to your site at different stages of their purchase funnel. You need to craft CTAs that talk to each user based on where they are at in their journey. CTAs can lead to scheduling a call with you. It can be a great tactic at the end of the buying journey.

For example on the AffiliateWP homepage, we’re immediately greeted with social proof that the plugin has 30,000 plus paying users.


People really use this messaging to make an informed decision.

The cold lead on the other hand requires more information and a digital download perhaps before they convert. Keep working on these opportunities and optimizing what you have to generate more leads.

2. A/B test new CTA formats.

Some CTA button placements as well as formats will generate much better performance. To understand what works best for the audience, gather the data and make the CTAs more attention-grabbing. Make them distinct from surrounding content by adding color and making the language clear and more persuasive.

For example OptinMonster uses a color-rich green CTA button on its homepage that drives clicks.


Study page analytics.

Go through different metrics like the page bounce rate before optimizing the page. You can look at the number of leads.

You can track the number of downloads for a whitepaper. Pushengage helps you understand on page analytics better and gather insights from it.

4. A/B test landing page formats.

Simply like you do with CTAs, test the language on the landing page. Test its appearance. This helps you optimize the buyer’s journey. Keep the experience smooth and potential buyers know they can trust you and continue to buy from you.

Be clear and grab attention with your contact form.

The way to get more leads from your landing pages is an important and dynamic question. Track, analyze, and change lead generation strategies with both CTAs and landing pages.

5. Use the right language for CTAs

As a rule, your CTA should start with a strong verb. The verb should lead a course of action like: learn more, click here, read more, call now, or another type of action.

Give people suggestions on what they can do next, so that the decisions come easily.

You should also use language that makes them emotional and eggs them on to take action by instilling the fear of missing out.

For example on their page on business phone services LuckyMag uses the actionable CTA: Visit Jivo Voice

6. Use graphics correctly

It’s not just about the words in your CTA. It’s also about how effectively you present the CTA.

In plenty of cases, you can transfer the call-to-action words and place them inside a clickable button. The idea that the actionable phrase is present inside a clickable link excites many of us to click.

Look at the way Rafflepress has spread videos and images on its site.

What People Are Saying

With some content, people prefer scanning than reading. That’s why in all those cases buttons are more useful.

How to measure how effective your CTA is

The effectiveness of a CTA is the button’s ability to create engagement. If users follow it, by clicking on it, it works.

However, all the clicks on your CTA don’t necessarily have to convert to sales. A CTA can lead visitors to a product page. If the page gets traffic the CTA is effective. However, the number of product purchases has loads of factors like the price, the buyer’s stage of awareness, and other things of that nature. If you want CTAs exclusively for product pages, first take a survey of your customers and gather product feedback to understand low sales numbers.

Does it really matter?

Some people assume that if the content is good, the quality of CTA isn’t a big deal. However, the CTA is crucial for generating leads, say for a remote job company. It must appeal to readers and give them a great option they don’t want to miss. Ideally, use customer journey mapping to understand at which stage of the funnel your buyers sit and use that information to craft meaningful CTA buttons.

CTA buttons generate click-throughs on different web pages and marketing materials.

It goes beyond buttons. Write a CTA with the single-minded focus of generating leads because it furthers your goals.

Your content will be able to entertain and educate readers that way. Add a CTA to each content piece to turn it into a lead-generation machine and improve your ROI resultantly.

Now what?

Now I turn it over to you. Tell us about the insights you got.

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