5 Lead Generation Hacks for IT Providers

lead generation hacks

No one ever says, "I don't need any more leads”. 

When clients have loads of alternatives, generating new leads might feel like climbing Mount Everest without proper equipment.

But what is marketing if not a challenge?

Lead generation is both a science and an art, and if you want to win, you need a robust lead generation strategy that includes better techniques and a dash of innovative ideas.

B2B Lead Generation: What's Changing in 2022?


To thrive, your business must generate revenue. Simultaneously, online customers in 2022 are naturally more sceptical of all the possibilities offered on the market.

In earlier years, baby boomers and Gen-X dominated the B2B decision-making process. The tables have completely turned in the year 2021. 73% of the millennials are involved in the B2B purchasing process.

1) According to 9 out of 10 purchasers, online content has a modest to large influence on purchasing decisions.

2) 74% of business-to-business purchasers research buyers over the web for their work.

3) The business-to-business sales process is a minimum of 22% longer (if not more) than five years ago.

You can no longer expect to establish a simple one-size-fits-all sales funnel and have prospects pour in. Most B2B buyers nowadays aren't interested in listening to sales presentations, scheduling demos, or proceeding without conducting extensive research.

They continue to look for alternatives online until they are certain of their choice. This intricate business-to-business client journey will keep you on your toes.

You cannot expect your sales department to get results by "keeping in touch" with prospects. You must adapt to the changing client journey.

So, what is the secret?

In 2022, your lead generation efforts should be driven by a mentality of being an authoritative source and adding value.

1) Do you want to be heard? Become a communal authority figure.

2) Do you want additional demo calls? Participate actively in dark social networks.

3) Do you want to complete more deals? Provide additional value.

Millennial decision-makers dislike "fluff" and won't give you their business until you can demonstrate value. As B2B customers become smarter, creating a digital authority must drive your lead generation efforts.

Proven Lead Generation Hacks for IT Providers

We have compiled a list of top lead generation hacks for IT providers you can employ for effective results. They are simple enough that even the most unmotivated marketers may see a bit higher ROI without putting in much effort (or increasing budgets).

Hack #1: Make Your Homepage More of a Landing Page

If your company is like others, your homepage receives the vast majority of overall site traffic. However, traffic does not equal sales; you must convert these anonymous site visitors into leads to whom you may pitch repeatedly.

The key is to think of your homepage as a landing page. You should limit the alternatives available to site visitors when they arrive at your main page to entice them to provide their valuable contact information. Fill your homepage with keywords related to your main offerings.

Above the fold, provide an irresistible and clear CTA (call-to-action) that resonates with your core messaging. For instance, if you are a graphic designing agency that specializes in rapid and attractive bespoke graphics, give your homepage viewers a PDF about design secrets, a free course on basic design principles, or an "ultimate guide" to basic design principles in the form of an eBook in return for their name and email ID.

Hack #2: Organize One Fantastic Webinar

Yes, webinars are popular (particularly for B2B), and it is no surprise. According to the ReadyTalk Survey, 20 to 40% of webinar attendees become potential leads. You're probably aware that giving something worthwhile out for free is an excellent strategy to generate leads; now it is simply a question of doing it!

You must keep your webinar brief, concise, and focused on a single topic. Your potential leads will appreciate you taking the effort to consider their time. Keeping the webinar focused on a single topic will ensure you are offering something useful rather than a wide summary that they might get with a simple Google search. You must remember that nothing turns off audiences quicker than a boring speaker, so feel enthused about your topic and express it in how you present your content.

Hack #3: Automate It

By harnessing the power of an AI chatbot tool, create personalized messages that show as your site viewers are on different pages. The prime term here is "custom". If you send the same wide offer to every site visitor, you are unlikely to notice a significant increase in qualified leads. However, if you extend offers related to the information your viewer is already exploring, you will almost certainly notice a rise in prospects.

Furthermore, you won't have to do anything else after you have programmed your chatbot. How is that for a robust lead generation strategy?

Hack #4: Change Your Forms

You might just need to make a few minor changes to your existing forms to get a significant increase in leads. According to the most recent marketing research, forms that convert the best include the following characteristics:

They are relevant and short. Use no more than four to five fields, and only include what is absolutely required. In many situations, all that is required is an email address and name.

Consider the User's Point of View. Inline error notifications (for example, "add your area code" in the contact number field) or utilizing radio buttons rather than drop-down menus might make things easy for your prospects and boost their probability of completing your forms.

Put Forward the "Optional" and "Required" Fields. It's an excellent strategy for possibly collecting more data on customers who are prepared to submit additional information – without alienating those who want to provide a name and email address merely.

Try out some of these changes on your website's forms and see what miracle happens.

Hack #5: Make Use of an Exit Popup to Increase Your Email List

We may all agree that popups can sometimes be overpowering and frustrating. When you've just landed on a website for the very first time and have no clue if the content you are going to read is important or not, you do not want a popup in your face.

That is why it is a good idea to test an exit popup that appears when users mouse up to dismiss a tab in their browser. These may look less intrusive compared to popups or banners that come a few seconds into a visitor's experience on your website. However, they still can acquire an email ID that you may now utilise in your remarketing campaigns.

The Key Takeaway

It is no longer a secret that producing many well-qualified leads is the key to success in the B2B sector. Simply put, the more leads you produce, the more profit you may make. The only remaining challenge is how to alter your marketing plan to generate a large number of highly qualified leads with the ability to convert.

To create a killer lead generation plan that can propel your business to the next level and increase sales, you must first learn to spot trends and swiftly react to changing game rules. We have all seen a lot of big changes in 2020-2021 due to the global pandemic. Even though the COVID-19 issue is progressively easing, there will be many adjustments in the B2B lead generation domain in 2022.

Generating leads will not get simpler with time. A strategic mentality focused on adding value can help you move streets away. Consider redefining your lead generation approach with these hacks, put your automation engine to work, and master the craft for improved outcomes.

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