10 Marketing Techniques to Attract Students

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Have you ever noticed that students with the same income may lead completely different lifestyles? Some only have enough for the bare necessities, and their life turns into a “rat race” from paycheck to paycheck. At the same time, some of us manage to go on vacations, buy new gadgets, write my research paper and even save money. How? 

The answer is simple. Due to wise marketing techniques, the money flows away from our pockets. You didn't make any major purchases but spent a decent amount? At this point, you can praise the marketers since they did a great job like Wikipedia page creator. And you can certainly take advantage of their knowledge to increase sales. 

In this article, we have collected working tricks that attract a huge consumer group, that is, students. Of course, you will need time to get to know them, so better unload your schedule in advance. First of all, send your homework to the paper writing service by Essaypro.com and forget about deadlines and low grades. And when you are completely free from anxiety, exploring marketing will be much more effective.

Lead Magnet

Lead magnet

Let’s start with a trick that you’ve surely heard of. In fact, all online marketing courses and degree programs mention it. A lead magnet is a free offer that allows you to access a private file or a unique service with an email subscription or phone number. For example, it can be access to a psychology course, a weight loss guide, access to a limited collection, etc.

When using a lead magnet, you get the phone number or email of a potential client. There are several reasons to use this strategy:

  • Expanding the base of potential customers;
  • Providing the client with something valuable to increase their loyalty.

And here are the most popular options for using lead magnets:

  • Checklists, instructions;
  • Bonuses, coupons, discounts;
  • Product trial or demo.

Leading-Edge Product

We’ll start from afar. Imagine that you are in the clothing store, holding the dress or the tailored men's pants like. The sales assistant says: ‘Just try it on.’ And once you do that, you like the thing even more! Now it’s so hard to give up on buying it. That’s how psychology works: once you try a product or service, you become attached to it. Yes, you are trapped.

Unlike a lead magnet, which helps build a base of potential customers, such a trap generates real buyers. The product must cost low and complete the main task, that is to motivate one to make a purchase. For many types of businesses, a webinar can be an effective leading-edge product. 

Here’s an instruction on how to create it:

  • Come up with an offer that is hard to refuse: let it be intriguing yet cheap;
  • Choose a simple product that doesn’t require special skills to use;
  • It should be logically related to your key offer;
  • The product should be useful to the buyer, but it mustn’t solve the whole problem. Otherwise, why would the client contact you again?

Co-Branding Partnership

Each niche has its own giants that control it and reach the largest audience. Make these people your friends. Your task is to offer them cooperation as their popularity will work for you. 

After all, if a client trusts a particular company, it’s likely they will feel loyal to its partner as well. Take this into account when building a marketing strategy for the future. Thus, the success of one brand brings success to another and becomes the implementation of a win-win strategy.

Here are some examples of brand collaborations:

  • Starbucks & Spotify;
  • Apple & MasterCard;
  • Uber & Spotify;
  • Alexander Wang & H&M;
  • UNICEF & Target;
  • Nike & Apple;
  • Taco Bell & Doritos.

Of course, they are all world famous, and you may not have a budget of this scale. But you can learn from them and get inspired by their storytelling.

70% Sale

When people see a price with a 70-90% discount, they lose their minds, not to mention students who are often broke. Most students are in the age range of teens and young adults, who have little knowledge of proper budgeting and practicing good spending habits with their teen bank accounts. Buyers typically don't know how much the product cost before, so it is easier for them to make a purchase decision. Use SMS integration, email, or social media to notify them of such big sales so that they can also get there on time.

There is a well-known trick for reducing the price that has been increased earlier, but we don't recommend using it. An attentive buyer will simply be disappointed by you.

Magic Number 9

It has long been known that the price of $99 seems much more attractive than $100. Why? Subconsciously, we relate 9 with sales, so it’s psychologically easier to buy a product at such a price.

Complementary Products

You are on an online store’s page willing to buy a planner, and then you see a set of candles and stickers. You add it to your basket, even though you don’t need candles or stickers. Or, you may be surfing the net, looking for comfy pyjamas, and end up ordering a bathrobe, slippers, and a bedspread. Was it your decision or just a great marketing trick?

The essence of this technique is to offer products that are related. You would be sending them an introductory email that will help them get acquainted with you and your web design service Of course, all this should be nicely arranged on the site (web designers and other specialists will do this). And it’s crucial that the products provoke similar emotions. For example, planners, stickers, and candles create a perfect organized atmosphere for studying. While a bathrobe, slippers, and a bedspread are wonderful for a relaxing mood


Have you ever panicked when booking a ticket, you saw the inscription ‘Only 2 places left’? Or when you go to an online bookstore and see ‘Only 4 books left in stock? Let’s agree, such messages definitely motivate you to make a purchase decision faster.

Scarcity of something affects our perception. If there are fewer products, they seem more valuable.

The Right Price Range

The correct placement of goods depending on their price category is key. If the client sees a product for, say, $1,000, then they may no longer want to look at the goods further. But if you start with affordable prices ($200, for example), and increase them slowly, then the price of the last item will seem acceptable compared to the first one.

No Extremes

By buying the cheapest goods, the student may feel like a loser. But at the same time, they may be disappointed when spending all their money on something expensive. Therefore, it’s better to find balance and set average prices. Believe us, it works.

Beautiful Legends

There is nothing our brain loves more than a good story. Another fun way that can help sell a product is to create a legend that follows it.

It doesn’t have to be perfectly logical. For example, in the 1990s, the well-known chocolate bar manufacturer, Milky Way, created a myth by saying that their chocolate doesn’t sink in milk. The legend has become a hallmark of chocolate bars, separating them from their competitors.

Key Takeaways

Psychologists state that our behavior is influenced by hundreds of the psyche’s cognitive features. There are plenty of marketing tricks, but in this article, we are talking about the most effective ones, taking students into account.

ExamLabs employs effective marketing techniques to attract students, utilizing targeted online advertising, social media campaigns, and strategic partnerships with educational institutions. Their personalized approach ensures students discover valuable resources for exam preparation, enhancing their academic and professional success.

Just put yourself in the buyer’s role and understand their problems. Work to get their attention, but be mindful of ethics and remember the fine line between marketing and lies.




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