Navigating the Digital Landscape: Recruiting Top Talent for Digital Marketing Roles

Recruiting top talent for digital marketing roles is challenging. Many highly qualified experts are already employed and satisfied, so companies need to put extra effort into hiring such individuals. 

These challenges, combined with the everyday obstacles of recruitment, make it difficult to find the right people at the right time.

However, just because there are challenges doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The following steps will help you find the top talent for your digital marketing department.

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1. Create a clear and detailed job description

The first step to finding the right person is knowing who you’re looking for. It seems unwise, but oftentimes hiring managers don’t provide a detailed enough job description and requirements.  This can lead to wasted time interviewing underqualified or overqualified candidates.

Both the recruiter and the hiring manager need to work out the job description and requirements. You can find numerous examples of job descriptions online.

Additionally, the hiring team should differentiate between must-have and nice-to-have requirements. It’s often challenging to find a candidate who meets all the criteria, so it's important to remain open to candidates who fulfill the core requirements.

2. Leverage the right ATS

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a crucial tool for recruiters. Without one, it’s impossible to efficiently keep track of incoming applications and manage them through the pipeline. 

Many ATS are integrated with Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) systems, which assist with tasks such as automated emails, social media postings, and job ads.

What is an Applicant Tracking System? - Candidate Manager - ATS

Some ATS also feature knock-out questions, which automatically disqualify candidates who do not meet the basic criteria. Of course, these questions should be crafted carefully since you don’t want to accidentally disqualify someone and miss out on a great hire.

Having the right ATS will help recruiters do their job more efficiently, which is key in recruitment. As you probably know, good candidates are rarely on the market for too long.

3. Work with external recruiting agencies

There’s no shame in seeking additional help. Marketing roles are very hard to fill, so working with external recruiting agencies is very helpful, especially when aiming to fill senior or managerial roles.

However, it’s important to choose the right agency. You only want to work with someone with extensive experience in hiring for similar roles within your industry. Consider the recruiter's location, as knowledge of the local hiring market can be advantageous.

After selecting an agency, schedule frequent feedback sessions. They will help the recruiter refine their search and provide you with suitable candidates for your needs.

4. Work on the employer branding

Nowadays, every company that is serious about attracting and hiring top talent for digital marketing roles invests in employer branding. However, what most companies fail to understand is what employer branding truly entails.

Employer branding extends beyond mere competition regarding appealing benefits and an abundance of social media photos portraying content employees. It's a strategic approach to managing and influencing an employer's reputation.

So, instead of focusing on superficial actions and aspects, try to work on the employer branding as a whole and integrate that specific approach into the overall company strategy. 

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5. Introduce learning and development opportunities

The top talent for digital marketing roles has a growth-oriented mindset, which means they often prioritize possibilities for professional development. This is why your employee value propositions should include information about the opportunities for professional certification and skill development.

It's crucial to stay committed to supporting your employees on this path, as this fosters loyalty and encourages long-term retention. Remember, there is no better employer branding than that which comes from a fulfilled employee.

6. Foster diversity and inclusion

There has been a significant focus on diversity and inclusion in recent years, and for good reason. A diverse team brings a range of viewpoints and perspectives, which can enhance creativity across all company departments. To demonstrate your commitment to D&I to candidates, consider targeting marginalized groups by posting job ads on platforms specific to those groups. Additionally, encourage your employees to make targeted referrals that include individuals from underrepresented groups.

However, don’t limit diversity and inclusion to your recruitment process. They should be fundamental values that guide the way you operate as an employer.

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7. Collaborate with educational institutions

Educational institutions are hubs of undiscovered talent. Collaborating with them offers the opportunity to identify top employees first through initiatives like internships and mentorship programs and eventually hire them. While it may require some investment in training, it is worthwhile in the long run. These talents often bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to your organization, helping you stay competitive and adaptable in a fast-paced world. 

Digital marketing is a very dynamic field. However, so is talent acquisition. When recruiting top talent, it’s important to stay attuned with both digital marketing and recruitment trends if you want to be competitive in the job market.

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