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formbuilder Form Builder.

Easily Create Personalized & High-Converting Forms Code-Free.

The Online Form Builder
for Lead Generation

Build any online & lead generation form with the intuitive LeadGen App form builder: Multi-step forms, registration forms, contact forms, surveys, calculators and more.

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The Most Flexible Form-Builder

Easily Build Forms – Convert More Leads – Code Free

LeadGen builder for lead capture forms

1. Build

Choose from templates or build your custom form with the intuitive builder. Easily create multi-step and conditional forms – 100% code free. 

2. Design

Make your form design stand out: Customize every detail of your form to your needs: Buttons, colors, fonts, background, icons, sizing and more.

3. Share

Copy and paste the form embed code into your web-page or share the form link directly to your audience. LeadGen forms can embedded into any common page-builder.

3. Share

Copy and paste the form embed code into your web-page or share the form link directly to your audience. LeadGen forms can embedded into any common page-builder.

Conversion-focused multi-step form-builder: LeadGen App


User-Friendly &
Beautiful Lead Forms

Create New Form Designs with Themes, Templates and Flexible Customization

checkmark  150+ templates for 15 different industries
checkmark  Theme store with stylish form designs
checkmark  Flexible design editor



Use visual image buttons in LeadGen multi step forms

User-Friendly & Beautiful Form Designs 

Create New Form Designs with Themes, Templates and Flexible Customization

checkmark  85+ templates for 15 industries
checkmark  Theme store with form designs
checkmark  Flexible design editor

Form Builder Features



Form builder dashboard, showcasing LeadGen App features
Form-builder - Build stage and form design

Easily Build Multi-Step Forms & Capture Leads

checkmark  Intuitive form-builder
checkmark  Unlimited form design options
checkmark  Create multi-step forms
checkmark  Custom form themes
checkmark  11 different question types
checkmark  Responsive form design
checkmark  Custom form dimensions & spacing
checkmark  Visual image/icon buttons
checkmark  Embed codes (Direct embed, iframe)
checkmark  Advanced form styling via CSS

Stats on form overview page, running a form A/B test

Get More Responses & Qualify Leads

checkmark   Lead dashboard & analytics
checkmark  Unlimited form variants within form
checkmark  Export leads to csv and excel sheet
checkmark  Conditional logic forms
checkmark  Form A/B testing
checkmark  Geo-Fencing based on country
checkmark  IP-based response restriction

checkmark  Validation (email, phone number)
checkmark  Enable Google reCAPTCHA
checkmark  LeadProof popups

Online form designs with unlimited customization options

Create User-Friendly & Custom Forms

checkmark   Redirect to custom Thank-you message/ URL
checkmark  Build Calculator Forms
checkmark  Lead Scoring based on assigning choice values
checkmark  Lead notifications
checkmark  Form progress bar in multi-step forms
checkmark  GDPR checkboxes
checkmark  Integrations via Zapier
checkmark  Webhooks integrations & hidden field names
checkmark  Append or post form data to URL


Online form designs with unlimited customization options

Hear From Our Users

LeadGen App is trusted by 1,000+ Brands and Marketers

Hear From Our Users

Hear From Our Users

LeadGen App is trusted by 1,000+ Brands and Marketers

Integrations with 1000+ Apps

Integrations to LeadGen forms via Zapier

Connect your LeadGen forms to your other tools and software

Use the LeadGen Zapier App to pass your leads and responses email automation, CRM and more.

Webhooks and hidden fields for custom integrations. 

    LeadGen Integrations

    Frequently Asked Questions

      Some of the most common questions about LeadGen App and with the answers.

    Why should I switch to LeadGen App?

    You should move your forms to LeadGen App if you look for the most flexible and conversion-focused form builder to generate more leads. Our mission is helping businesses, marketing & sales teams get more customers and clients with engaging, flexible and user-friendly forms. We are committed to give our users the tools to grow your revenue by making web and landing pages convert up to 5X more.

    What can I do with LeadGen App?

    With LeadGen App you can create online forms for different purposes, incl. lead capture & qualification forms, contact forms, multi-step forms, landing page forms, application forms, surveys, questionnaires, calculators, data collection & research forms, feedback forms and much more. LeadGen App also provides a LeadProof builder to create popups of your that show your leads as dynamic social proof on your pages. The form builder provides lots of form customization options via our design editor. Also we provide lead management & conversion optimization features, integrations and developer features to build complex forms and user journeys.

    How can I customize the form design?

    LeadGen App is the most flexible form-builder and provides near unlimited design customization options. The design editor allows you to customize form elements in terms of themes, colours, buttons, textboxes, shadows, fonts, colour codes and much more. You can either pick one of our pre-built themes to give your form a professional look, customize the designs yourself and also customize designs after form embed using custom CSS.

    Can I send my form data to a Thank-you URL?

    Yes, you can send your leads to a custom URL after form submissions. You can use your custom Thank-you pages to track leads via tracking scripts, e.g. Facebook pixel. Also, we provide a Thank-you message builder to easily create a text that shows in the form widget after users click on submit.

    Do you support conditional logic?

    Yes, LeadGen App provides the ability to create flexible conditional flows using logic jumps. You can create complex flows, for example jumps between form steps and jumps based on users choices (conditional logic). Here is a guide on creating conditional logic forms in LeadGen App.

    What are LeadProof popups?

    LeadProof is a feature to create popups of the leads that recently filled in a form. For example, you want to show your page visitors that your lead form offer is getting lots of responses from similar locations. You can use LeadProof as social proof, enticing more people to engage with your offers and fill in LeadGen forms. LeadProof popups can be customized based on the type of information shown, popups speed and intervals and more.

    Do I need coding experience to create a form?

    You don’t need any coding experience to create a form. LeadGen App is a no-code form-builder and makes it easy to create forms with the intuitive builder, pre-built templates and themes.

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