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Digital Marketing Strategy

Oracle for Startups is a global initiative to support entrepreneurship with development & innovation. We partner with Oracle to access cloud computing and digital technology to improve the performance of our web app and to engage with talented startups and founder worldwide.


Data Analytics Tool

LeadGen App is a Data-Aware Partner of Databox. We love the tool for analyzing marketing campaigns and to monitor growth via metrics and trend charts. Databox provides integrations to more than 70 tools in digital marketing, business analytics and finance.

Leadcube Media

Digital Marketing Strategy

Run by LeadGen App’s Co-Founder Chris, Leadcube is helping companies in developing their digital marketing strategy for maximising lead generation and online sales. Get in touch with Leadcube to take your web presence results to the next level with a winning digital strategy.


Landing Page Design Experts

Apexure helps companies generate more  leads and sales with custom landing pages. The London-based landing page design agency has helped over 300 businesses worldwide and does excellent work in creating bespoke & conversion-optimised landing pages for digital campaigns. 


Content Management System

CMSDriven is helping entrepreneurs and businesses create web-pages without any coding skills. It’s like a headless CMS but with superpowers. You can use LeadGen inside CMSDriven and build a lead capture system without writing a single line of code.


Website Lead Analytics Tool

Happierleads is a web app that helps you understand your website visitors, revealing user data and contact information. It helps get to see who is engaging with your web content and deanonymize the traffic you would otherwise never get to see.


Local Lead Finder

GoPinLeads is an AI-powered prospecting tool which helps users generate thousands of B2B sales leads in seconds. GoPinLeads helps marketers locate companies, employees and is a top provider of local lead sourcing with 95% accuracy for all email addresses scraped.”


Web Analytics Tool

KOBIT is helping marketers and digital agencies automate Google analytics reports. The tool is a great enhacement to make the most out of website performance and to make informed decisions based on intelligent data visualisation.


Software marketplace

Onetool is a marketplace of SaaS tools, providing access to software in a single subscription. It features software from all categories such SEO, video and lead generation and allows users to access the best tools for each area of digital marketing.”

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