Can Interactive Posts on Social Media Boost Lead Generation?

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According to Pew Research Center data, social media usage in America has grown from 5% to 84% in 2021 for adults aged 18 to 29. With social media usage this high, it only makes sense to have a presence on social media when running a business. 

But being on social media is not enough. One of the most effective ways you could use social media to boost leads by leveraging interactive posts, meaning the answer to your question is YES.

So, What Are Interactive Posts?

Social media is interactive by design. When a user uploads content, it attracts some likes, comments, upvotes, or shares if it's good enough. At other times it may not attract any interactions, which can leave you feeling unappreciated if likes mean so much to you.

While the principle is the same for your business's social media posts, you must intentionally create posts that can trigger interaction with your audience if you hope to generate leads with your social media campaigns. Any social media post created to trigger interaction with your audience is an interactive post. You can use buffer alternatives to schedule your post on any social media platforms.

Often an interactive post is created to have your audience interact with your post in a specific way, such as solving a puzzle, clicking on a link, or running a test. If writing social media posts is a challenge to you, you may want to borrow these tips for writing copy for social media from experts in social media marketing.

How Do Interactive Posts Help In Boosting Lead Generation?

Boosts Engagement

Interactive social media posts are great at getting attention and keeping it for some time. The longer your audience interacts with your content, the more they build trust with your brand

Sometimes interactive posts can be based on popular themes and fun things that could interest the audience even when unrelated to what you offer. Sometimes it can be about something your audience is passionate about or is a concern to them.

If you run a local gym, you could feature posts that revolve around fitness and wellness. For example, a post with a BMI calculator can get some attention for people concerned about their weight. As they interact with your content, they will also view you as an authority in physical fitness and likely sign to your gym. Streamline your social media efforts and manage your online presence effectively with social media management tools like Synup Social.

Data Collection

Data Collection Forms

As a business person, you will be looking for every opportunity to get data that could help you in your marketing campaign. By incorporating data gathering tools in your social media posts, you can gather tons of data from the interaction you get from social media. 

Audience demographics, purchasing patterns, purchasing power, and customer preferences are examples of data you can collect from social media interactions or data collection forms. All this information can be beneficial when creating future campaigns and targeted advertising for different audiences. However, it is important to understand that analyzing your competitors is a crucial step in this process. For example, technographic and firmographic segmentation can not only enhance sales and marketing teams effort but also improve lead generation.

It Is a Ranking Factor

Social media engagements, shares, and interactions can be ranking factors for Google and social media platforms. The more times people interact with your post, the more the algorithm of the platform where you upload your post will look at it as relevant and display it to more people.

While social media may not directly affect Google rankings, sharing clickable links on your social media could mean increasing your organic flow of traffic to your site, which is a ranking factor. 

However, if you succeed on YouTube, which Google owns, interaction will directly impact your rankings. Google also displays YouTube results in the SERPs, so if you can nail your YouTube ranking, you can be sure that it will impact your SEO. 



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