5 Ways AI Content Tools Can Help Improve Your Sales Conversations

If you want to enhance your sales team's performance, turn to AI. 78% of sales pros believe AI gives them more time for crucial tasks. It's like having a powerful ally working round-the-clock to hone your sales conversations, and helping to boost your close rates. With AI content tools, you can equip your sales team with exactly what they need to hit their targets consistently.

In the upcoming sections, we're going to explore 5 ways AI content tools can help create sales enablement content, bringing you closer to your business goals. Let's begin.


Sales enablement content and AI

According to a Seismic report, the majority of people (99%) using sales enablement content find that it simplifies their work, and over 88% state that it enhances their productivity. Companies that have dedicated sales enablement functions also achieve higher success rates, meet quotas more effectively, and retain customers better than those that do not (State of Sales Enablement Report).


It's no wonder that sales enablement is gaining popularity in organizations. However, not all companies can allocate a whole team to this function. For sales and marketing leaders with jam-packed to-do lists, creating sales enablement content might seem overwhelming. Thankfully, artificial intelligence (AI) can now help even the busiest teams generate impactful sales enablement content in minutes.


How AI content tools help in creating sales enablement content

-AI-powered tools can help sales teams save time and resources by swiftly creating content for customers based on their profiles and preferences.

-AI content tools can take complex data and serve it up in a way that's easy to understand.

-They also offer precise personalization, enabling you to adapt your conversations to your customers' specific preferences and requirements.

-AI can improve sales productivity by taking over repetitive jobs, like creating email replies and follow-up messages. With that, let's explore the various ways you can use AI to create sales enablement content for effective communication.


5 ways to use AI content tools for improving sales conversations

AI-powered content creation tools can change the way you make persuasive sales content that not only piques a customer's interest but also helps move them throughout the sales process. Here are some ways how -

1. AI content tools for sales brochures


Narrato's AI bulk product description generator

Brochures are incredibly effective in showcasing product features and grabbing the interest of prospective customers. They help sales reps articulate their value proposition and move potential customers through the sales funnel. But creating brochures that both capture attention and stand out from competitors can be a challenge. That's where AI content tools come in. When it comes to writing copy for brochures, Narrato's AI Content Assistant can be quite useful. This AI content creation tool offers an AI brochure generator, where you can define your purpose, add specifics, choose your tone, and set how many pages you want the brochure to be.

Within seconds, you'll have your brochure copy ready, perfectly divided for each page, and each page with its own fitting header. If you want to highlight any product features in your brochures, Narrato also offers an AI product description generator that can whip up catchy product descriptions, including bulk generation of up to 100 descriptions. Designing a brochure is easy and fast with AI tools like Canva. They have ready-to-use templates and Magic Design features for creating visually appealing brochures When you're creating digital brochures, it's also a good idea to add forms to collect leads through these brochures. With LeadGen's Online Form Creator, you can create these forms with a click. It also provides an embed code, making it easier to add your form to the brochure.


LeadGen online form creator


2. AI content tools for blog posts and case studies

Blog posts have traditionally been seen as part of marketing content, but they can also serve as valuable sales assets. When engaging with leads, it's important to educate them about how your solution can meet their needs. Blog posts can effectively communicate the unique value propositions of your products or services. These resources can then be used as educational tools by sales reps to better articulate the benefits and advantages of what you offer.

AI blog writers simplify the blog content creation process by providing ready-made templates for creating different types of blog content. Besides helping you write intros, sectional content, and conclusions, some AI blog writers can also create complete blog posts in one go. Popular AI tools in this category include Narrato AI, Jasper, Writesonic, and the like. Besides AI-generated content for blogs, AI content tools can also help in drafting case studies that emphasize the positive experiences of satisfied customers. These case studies don't necessarily have to be in the form of written texts - they can be videos, slideshows, infographics, and so much more. You can make professional-looking case study videos in no time with a tool like FlexClip, which offers a Case Study Video Maker.


FlexClip case study video maker


3. AI content tools for sales email templates

Email sales communication is all about staying in touch with potential clients, sharing sales quotations, and supplying detailed info on specific products. Creating these personalized emails is a time-sensitive task that often demands efficiency and effectiveness.

Having some email templates ready for your sales team to use could help speed up the process. And when you have AI content tools to help you create these email templates, you won't have to spend a lot of time on this either.

AI content tools are great for quickly pre-formatting email templates, giving sales reps a strong starting point for communication. ChatGPT, for instance, can generate well-structured content with greetings, body text, and professional closings. This saves time and guarantees that sales emails maintain a consistent and professional structure.


ChatGPT creating a sales email template


4. AI content tools for summarizing documents

Information overload is one of the biggest challenges faced by sales reps. They often need to review lengthy documents, like contracts, proposals, or technical specifications, during sales conversations.

AI content summarization tools can be incredibly useful here for handling extensive reports, market analyses, or other lengthy documents. They offer a time-efficient method to extract essential insights, which is beneficial when preparing for client meetings, presentations, or addressing specific customer queries.

Do a quick Google search and you'll find plenty of options for AI text summarizers, both free and paid. Narrato's AI Content Repurposing tool can be a big help in this regard, as it allows you to summarize any type of content in a snap, including blogs, documents, web pages, videos, and podcasts.


Narrato's video summary generator


5. AI content tools for sales/product demo scripts

Creating sales or product demo scripts can be time-consuming. You need to come up with a compelling narrative while also including all the key points. AI content tools, particularly AI sales script generators, can help craft compelling sales and product demo scripts.

These AI tools provide pre-built templates, suggested content, and even generate entire sales scripts based on specific inputs. The AI sales script generator by Vidyard could be a helpful tool for creating sales scripts. Simply provide details about the product, the prospect/customer's name, and any important features or goals you want to highlight. The AI will then analyze this information and generate a personalized sales script for you.


Vidyard AI sales script generator


Whether it's a live presentation, a virtual demo, or a recorded video, these AI tools enable sales reps to generate scripts that seamlessly adapt to different presentation formats and channels. This efficiency allows sales teams to focus on refining and personalizing the content rather than starting from scratch.

Wrapping Up

In the fast-paced world of sales, every little advantage counts. And if that advantage comes in the form of AI content tools capable of working alongside you to improve your sales conversations, then we say – why not? AI content tools offer new possibilities to enhance sales conversations and drive business growth. These tools empower your sales team to go beyond routine tasks, enabling them to focus on building relationships and closing deals more efficiently. So, embrace the promise of great sales conversations with AI content tools today! And remember, a better sales experience means happier customers, more referrals, and an unstoppably growing business.

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