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ActiveCampaign Integration

Easily connect your lead forms to ActiveCampaign and create email marketing automation

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LeadGen App forms integration with ActiveCampaign landing pages
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Flexible & High-Converting Forms for ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign provides flexible ways of content automation and lead management to personalize your sales efforts and win more business. Use our Zapier App to integrate your LeadGen forms to your ActiveCampaign account in seconds.


In-Depth Session to ActiveCampaign Automation

LeadGen App founder Waseem gives insights into creating lead capture forms & marketing automation flows in ActiveCampaign to create engaged email lists and boost your success in lead follow-up.



Available Actions

Create ActiveCampaign Automation with the Following Events

ActiveCampaign iconCreate/Update Contact
Creates a new contact, or                             updates an existing contact.



ActiveCampaign iconCreate Deal
Creates a new deal.




ActiveCampaign iconUpdate Deal
Updates an existing deal.





ActiveCampaign iconAdd Contact to Automation
Adds an existing contact into                     any automation.


ActiveCampaign iconAdd Note to Deal
Adds a note to a deal.



ActiveCampaign iconFind Contact
Finds a contact by email                             address.




ActiveCampaign iconCreate Campaign
Creates and sends a new                             campaign.



ActiveCampaign iconCreate Deal Task
Creates a deal task.


ActiveCampaign iconFind Deal
Finds an existing deal by title                     or email.

Pipedrive iconCreate Lead
Creates a new lead.


Pipedrive iconAdd Follower
Add to a deal, organization,                          person, product



Pipedrive iconFind or Create Deal
Finds a deal by name, or                              creates one if none is found.




Pipedrive iconCreate Deal
Creates a new deal.

Pipedrive iconFind User
Finds a user by name, email                        or ID.


Pipedrive iconFind or Create Organization
Finds organization by name,                      or creates one.



Pipedrive iconCreate Note
Creates a new note.


Pipedrive iconFind or Create Person
Finds a person by name, or                          creates one if none is found.

Pipedrive iconUpdate Organization
Updates an existing                                      organization.



+ More Actions available in Zapier

How the LeadGen App + ActiveCampaign Integration Works


checkmark  Step 1: Authenticate LeadGen App + ActiveCampaign (30 seconds)

checkmark  Step 2: Select form trigger to kick off the automation (15 seconds).

checkmark  Step 3: Choose ActiveCampaign as the action app (15 seconds) 

checkmark  Step 4: Select the data to send from one app to the other (2 min)

Get Started and Build Forms and Automation with ActiveCampaign

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