5 Advantages of SEO for a SaaS Business

Invest in SEO

SaaS (software as a service) companies offer users paid software that is present on a remote PC or computer. Since many companies today offer various software types, there is quite some competition. Implementing the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and SaaS keyword research methods is essential for growth as a SaaS business.

SEO is an essential tool to attract the right audience. While some companies use marketing techniques, it only accounts for 11% of traffic received instead of the 68% channeled by search engine optimization.

Companies like PDF Pro and Maptive were able to drive organic traffic this way. 51% sign-up growth was noted by Maptive, while PDF Pro gained more visitors by going from 141 to 150,000 visitors in a month.

If you are a company that is interested in SEO or want to make sure this is the way to success, this guide is for you. A SaaS marketing agency examined five reasons SEO is an excellent choice for SaaS business growth.

Creates Brand Awareness

As a business, you can create awareness and reach the correct audience through SEO strategies. Capturing attention is the only way to get people more intrigued about and interested in your product.

Incorporate quality link building into your SEO strategy, and People will think you are a credible brand when your website appears as a top search result. They will be more likely to remember you, and you could gain customers through word-of-mouth too. For example, people know HubSpot because they use innovative SEO strategies for growth. Their site has around 747,944 visitors monthly, with around 350,000 blog subscribers.

Boosts Website Traffic

Graph chart

Most users use Google to search for the latest products and software. Business owners are also likely to end up googling SaaS products. You must ensure your site appears in the top organic search results. Proper doctor SEO will lead you to rank as a top SERP. Nearly 31.7% of clicks happen due to this, so you can easily attract organic traffic this way.

Apart from this, having a blog with interesting, factual, and helpful content can make these visitors stick. Even though it's not that easy to accomplish, an seo audit service can make the entire endeavor less challenging

A proper SaaS SEO agency can help you with creating engaging content that converts. Adding the correct target keywords to your blog posts can further help you increase your reach. Make sure to use a keyword search tool to find top relevant terms and attract an audience that could be interested in purchasing your software.

Makes You a Strong Competitor

Since top search results often come across as credible brands, you can easily give tough competition to others in your target market. Not only will you become a brand that everyone wants to compete with, but you will also become a symbol of what a good brand should be like. Using inbound marketing may take longer through SERP strategies, but it slowly establishes the brand in the eyes of potential customers. However, the complexity of winning against your competitors will vary depending upon the nature of the industry you are dealing in. For instance, if you own a healthcare business and need help to improve your healthcare website's online visibility and reach, partnering with a reputable healthcare SEO company is crucial. Being a specialized healthcare SEO company, they can help optimize your website, implement effective digital marketing strategies, and drive targeted traffic to your healthcare services, ensuring maximum exposure and growth in the competitive healthcare industry.

Increased Software Subscribers

Ranking higher means more organic traffic and ultimately more software, subscribers. If you target the right audience, you will likely target potential buyers too. For example, if you want to promote HRIS software you should start targeting HR professionals that could be interested in this kind of tool. Posting valuable articles, infographics, videos, and other informational content can help you navigate toward people who will eventually purchase your software. For example, if you want to promote HRIS software you should start targeting HR professionals that could be interested in this kind of tool.

  • 80% of businesses prefer gearing information from blogs or articles
  • 70% of B2B purchasers get motivated through videos
  • 90% of customers agree that digital content significantly affects their buying decisions

Ensure you create content that is relevant to your product and will be able to provide the correct information to the target audience.

Paid Marketing Is No Longer Needed

Many SaaS businesses are new with relatively modern products. These companies do not always have the vast budget necessary for marketing. Using SEO to drive traffic means zero costs. You will not have to pay for social media or website growth. You will also gain subscribers cost-free and will experience long-term results.

Paid marketing only bears fruit as long as you are spending money. It will stop generating leads when you stop. It's also possible to gain zero customers due to incorrect audience targeting. SEO must be implemented continuously, but it is more likely to keep producing results as long as it's active, making it a more cost-effective option.


By now, you should be convinced about implementing SEO strategies on your website to promote your SaaS business. You can also outsource SEO services in case you don’t have an inhouse team. This is undoubtedly the way to go if you have no marketing budget. It can also help drive organic traffic for months to come.