How to find B2B buyers in Europe and USA

The B2B industry in the USA and Europe encompasses a wide range of sectors and plays a vital role in the global economy. Both countries serve as a lucrative marketplace for business traders around the world providing excellent trade opportunities. Finding B2B buyers from the USA and Europe requires a strategic approach. For this purpose, B2B platforms can come in very handy.

B2B platforms are specifically made to facilitate trade operations between two businesses. You can explore various online b2b marketplaces for connecting with your desired buyers without any hassle. They enable business traders to set up their storefronts and reach their target audience around the globe.

Where can I find importers' data?

If you are in the export business and want to access importers’ data you can take the assistance of online B2B trading websites. B2B platforms and online trade databases can be valuable resource for finding importers' data.

These platforms often provide insights into importers' profiles, including their company information, product interests, and import history. They also allow you to search for importers by industry, product category, or region.

Best Online Platforms For Finding B2B Buyers in Europe and the USA

A. is one of the best b2b platforms for finding B2B buyers in Europe, the USA, or any other part of the world. This platform has been helping businesses expand their customer base and establish valuable connections for more than two decades. It aims to simplify international trade by providing a digital platform that connects businesses, streamlines the trading process, and offers a range of specialized services. This website provides access to an extensive buyers’ directory.

Users can utilize the platform's search functionality and can reach their desired buyers in an instance.  This platform also offers digital marketing solutions to help companies enhance their online presence and promote their products and services. Furthermore, they have highly experienced international sales managers who have the expertise of finding and connecting you with the right buyers for your business. Overall, it’s a valuable resource for businesses seeking to expand their network and find customers in the USA or Europe.

B. ExportPortal

Export Portal is an international B2B (business-to-business) e-commerce platform that facilitates global trade and links buyers and sellers from various industries worldwide. It serves as a digital marketplace for businesses looking to engage in import and export activities in USA or Europe. The platform provides a secure and trustworthy trading environment by verifying the identity of its users and implementing strict quality control measures.

ExportPortal enables sellers to showcase their products and services through detailed listings, including descriptions, specifications, and pricing. Buyers can search for specific products or browse through categories to find relevant offerings. Users can also access market research, trade data, and business insights through this platform. Additionally, ExportPortal offers different membership options, including free and premium plans, with varying levels of access to features and services.

C. Kompass

Kompass is a well-established B2B online directory and business intelligence platform that connects companies worldwide. It provides comprehensive company and product information, allowing businesses to find and connect with potential partners and customers. Kompass maintains a vast database of companies from various industries and countries.

The database includes company profiles, contact information, and key personnel details. Kompass covers a wide range of countries and industries, making it a valuable resource for companies looking to expand their reach internationally and identify potential customers for their products. This platform also provides business numerous tools and services that help companies gain insights into market trends, competitors, and industry analysis.

D. Europages

Europages is a prominent online B2B directory and business platform that connects businesses across Europe. It serves as a comprehensive resource for business traders looking to expand their reach, establish business partnerships, and engage in international trade within Europe. Businesses can showcase their products and services through detailed product catalogs on Europages.

This feature enables companies to present their offerings to a wider audience and attract potential customers and importers around the world. Europages also provides lead generation services, allowing companies to generate sales leads and inquiries from potential buyers or partners. This platform also provides advertising opportunities for businesses to increase their visibility within the platform and gain a global reach. Companies can promote their products or services through targeted digital advertising campaigns via this website.

E. is a well-known online platform that primarily focuses on connecting businesses within the United States. This platform covers multiple industries, including manufacturing, engineering, industrial equipment, machinery, electronics, metalworking, and chemicals, as well as facilitates connections between businesses operating within these industries.

It assists large manufacturers to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in finding excellent trade opportunities in the USA. You can browse through their buyer’s list to identify potential customers with ease. This website provides filters to help you refine your search results. You may also find the company name, description, contact information, and sometimes a link to their website.

Overall, Thomasnet is a popular resource for B2B buyers in the United States dues to its extensive network, search capabilities, and industry focus.

How To Get a Faster Response From Buyers?

You can surely find b2b buyers in USA and Europe via the B2B platforms but to get a faster response from the buyers, there are several strategies you have to employ to increase the chances of prompt communication.

a. When reaching out to buyers, make sure your message is clear, concise, and to the point.

b. You could also offer limited-time discounts or promotions, emphasize the scarcity of a product or service, or highlight any time-sensitive benefits they could miss out on if they delay their response.

c. Ensure that your product descriptions, pricing, and contact information are easy to find and understand. Providing clear instructions on how to contact you or make a purchase can streamline the buying process and reduce any barriers to communication.

d. You can also provide multiple communication channels to buyers for reaching out to you such as email, phone, or even social media as it increases the likelihood of a prompt response.

e. You should demonstrate your own responsiveness by promptly replying to any inquiries or requests from buyers. Quick communication can encourage them to reciprocate with faster responses. Additionally, establishing a positive and professional relationship with buyers can encourage faster response times.

f. Take the time to engage with them beyond immediate sales inquiries, such as sharing industry insights, offering personalized recommendations, or simply showing genuine interest in their needs and goals

How To Find Buyers' Contact Details?

Finding buyers' contact details involves a combination of research, networking, and utilizing available resources. Firstly, you should conduct targeted online research using search engines and online business directories.

Online B2B Platforms can be a chief source for getting buyers' phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information. These platforms allow direct communication with potential buyers through their messaging systems. You can search within relevant categories or specific industries to narrow down your target audience. You can also utilize social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook for searching for the buyer or the buyer's company.  Many professionals and companies list their contact details on their profiles or pages.


B2b platforms are excellent resources for connecting with buyers in your desired region. You can explore prominent B2B marketplaces, such as, Thomasnet, and Europages, to find buyers in Europe and USA. But also remember that building relationships and offering value is key to establishing successful B2B connections. You must maintain professionalism, provide excellent customer service, and follow up with leads promptly to increase your chances of getting more buyers.

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