Draft the Perfect Email: A Short and Quick Guide

There are different modes of communication. Aside from social media and other applications for chatting, drafting the perfect email is one of the most formal and reliable methods. It is mostly preferable for work, making it easier for everyone, especially workers.

Since workers rely on email for communication with colleagues, it must be well written to achieve the intended purpose. When information is clear, effective emails save time for both the sender and the receiver. To ensure you draft the perfect email, read on!

Tips for drafting the Perfect Email

Create the perfect email

A well-drafted email requires many elements to ensure a clear, effective, and concise message. Here are some tips on how to draft a perfect email.

a) Subject lines are very important

The subject line is the first thing the recipient sees, so it has to be captured. When writing an email, ensure the subject lines correspond to the content of the email. This also saves time when searching for the email.

Avoid vague subject lines because they may end up being spam emails. A clear subject line is important,, and remember, that first impressions matter a lot.

b) Make use of bullet points

The essence of bullet points is to enable the recipient to read the email quickly and understand the content of the email. It also helps to emphasize how important the information is and draw attention.

Bullet points also make the email look professional, as the message is organized. However, limit the bullet points so as not to overwhelm the reader.

c) Keep it short

short email

For effective communication, keep the email short. Break paragraphs into short sentences, which makes it easier for the reader to read and understand faster.

The information has to be straightforward, as no one has time to read more than 4-5 paragraphs, especially for us on the topic.

d) Avoid offensive quotes

Avoid using quotes that are perceived to be offensive or abusive. Abusive quotes can lead to loss of business and productivity. Here, you have to consider the recipient's values or beliefs.

Use quotes that are relevant to the context of your email. Ensure the email is respectful and considerate of the recipient's perspective before sending it.

e) Use few exclamation marks and no emojis

You may find exclamation marks interesting or exciting, but does your recipient see them the way you do? If so, avoid using too many exclamation marks.

Emojis are not used when sending work-related emails. It can be used when sending it to a close friend.

Choose works that can express your message without much punctuation or emojis. This makes your work professional and points out your feelings perfectly.


Once you are done with all these, it is very important that you proofread messages before sending them. It helps the email look professional, and you can pay close attention to any quotes you've included.

Ensure you check areas of concern, adjust errors if seen, and your email is ready to be sent. Finally, reading a blog lemlist will help improve your email writing skills.

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