How to Increase Revenue Using New Tools of Revenue Operations (RevOps)

Revenue Operations, also called RevOps helps companies find new sales and growth opportunities by optimizing several functions across the business. It’s quiet a new discipline that has found great resonance in Silicon Valley, seeing growth as an interplay of marketing, sales, customer success and operations.

In simple terms, RevOps, helps companies grow revenue with new customers as well as strengthening existing customer relationships. In this podcast episode we speak with Jason Reichl, RevOps expert and founder of GoNimbly, a company that advises businesses on Revenue Operations with the promise to increase each customer’s lifetime value by 26%.

Jason Reichl GoNimbly BiographyJason shared some inspirational learnings from his work. For example, why Revenue Operations is finding such great adoption and why RevOps is a fundamental shift in the marketplace, making us rethink how we market and sell.

Podcast episode with Jason Reichl, CEO of Link to audio platforms available here

Traditionally, companies have marketing, sales, operations, and customer success departments. Sales people think differently than a customer success person. There’s good reason for running things that way, but at the of the day it is inefficient, leaving revenue opportunities on the table. Why? Because when working “silos” as Jason calls it, you will hit walls.

You will never have fully transparency, insight, and intelligence about what is best for the customer and where you can create sales opportunity and service the customer even more. Jason’s focused on closing those gaps in the customer journey, breaking down silos, bringing teams together and facilitating better results. Jason’s background is in marketing.

Over time he realized what matters most is analysing the buyer’s engagement pattern rather than just focusing on growing customer acquisition numbers. He says” Customers come to the website to buy”. Making a website convert customers is all about removing gap points to ease the visitor’s concerns, making the site demonstrate trust, authority, solution-orientation, and other important factors.

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He uses various frameworks and methods to improve the website and buying experience, particularly through personalization. Most importantly however is prioritization, understanding where in the funnel or customer experience journey are the real gaps. If your website is good at generating conversions, bringing leads into the door that are relevant, qualified for what you can offer them, then it’s probably time to look more into other areas first. Understand whether the bigger challenge is sales-conversions (turning those customers into paying users), retaining customers or making customers spend more money and thereby increase lifetime value.

This was a very educational and inspiring conversion and opportunity to get insight into Revenue Operations tactics that the top companies in Silicon Valley are using. Listen in to this episode of the Marketing Mavericks Show. If you enjoy the content, make sure you like the video and subscribe and let us know any questions in the comments below!

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