Top B2B Marketplaces in China 

As we go into 2024, China's business environment is still vibrant and diversified, with several B2B marketplaces meeting the needs of international trade and a wide range of industries. A few B2B marketplaces in China are essential for smooth transactions, bringing buyers and sellers together, and prompting innovation in the field of digital commerce, as companies look for dependable sourcing solutions, strategic alliances, and expedited procurement procedures. 

Marketplaces, ranging from trailblazing players like eWorldtr

ade, and Alibaba to cutting-edge firms like Pinduoduo and GlobalSources, are essential hubs for businesses in 2024. They navigate the technicalities of global trade and e-commerce because they offer distinct advantages, wide product selections, and intuitive user interfaces.

In 2022, the online B2B market in China exceeded 15.5 trillion yuan, ma

rking a slight increase from the previous figure of 15.3 trillion yuan. Forecasts suggest a rapid growth trajectory for China's B2B e-commerce market in the coming years, with an anticipated market size nearing 19.5 trillion yuan.

1. eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade b2b business

Worldwide buyers and sellers can transact business on eWorldTrade, a worldwide B2B marketplace that offers a vast array of goods and services from numerous industries. Established in 2006, the mission of eWorldTrade is to enable global trade by giving companies a forum to connect, close deals, and broaden their consumer base. The platform provides services to a broad range of industries, such as textiles, electronics, manufacturing, and agriculture.

eWorldTrade promotes trust and openness in business dealings by putting safeguards in place to guarantee the legitimacy and dependability of vendors and goods. It promotes expansion and opportunity in the field of international trade by empowering companies to investigate new markets, establish alliances, and get access to a worldwide network of suppliers and purchasers.

2. Tmall

Alibaba Group runs the high-end business-to-consumer (B2C) online marketplace Tmall, which is also referred to as Tianmao in Chinese. Tmall, which was established in 2008, serves major corporations and well-known brands that want to connect with Chinese consumers. It provides a large selection of goods in a number of categories, including electronics, clothing, cosmetics, household appliances, and more.

Focusing on quality and authenticity to make sure that clients obtain real goods from reliable brands is one of Tmall's distinguishing characteristics. This has made it possible for international companies to engage in cross-border e-commerce and access the rich Chinese market.

3. 1688

Alibaba Group owns, a well-known B2B (business-to-business) internet marketplace that mostly caters to the Chinese wholesale industry. 1688 sources a wide variety of goods directly from Chinese manufacturers and distributors, including consumer goods, electronics, clothes, and industrial equipment. 

One of 1688's standout qualities is its affordable prices, which draw companies looking for low-cost sourcing options to the marketplace. It promotes bulk purchases, eases communication between buyers and sellers, and offers tools for order management and negotiation.

4. Alibaba

alibalba as a tool

China's first eCommerce site, Alibaba, is well-known for its enormous selection of wholesale goods in many different categories, including electronics, equipment, building supplies, home goods, and auto components.

The platform's extensive reach connects millions of buyers and sellers, facilitating simple transactions and fostering successful business partnerships. Alibaba is a go-to source for B2B trading and sourcing solutions because of its intuitive interface and extensive toolkit, which enable firms to navigate the online marketplace with ease.

5. Jingdong Mall's (JD)

Alibaba's main rival is, sometimes referred to as Jingdong Mall. It started out selling a wide variety of media-related goods but has now expanded to include electronics, clothes, home appliances, and more. offers both local and foreign users a seamless B2B experience with its strong logistics infrastructure and intuitive UI. Because of the platform's dedication to efficiency, quality, and dependability, it is a top option for companies looking for trustworthy alliances and creative solutions in the world of digital commerce.

6. AliExpress

As a member of the Alibaba Group, AliExpress is well-known for its direct-to-consumer business strategy, which gives customers all over the world access to products straight from Chinese producers and retailers. 

The platform is a great option for B2B transactions because of its wide assortment of products, reasonable prices, and several payment methods. For companies of all sizes, AliExpress offers a user-friendly interface, safe payment channels, and effective delivery services that facilitate easy sourcing and procurement.

7. Pinduoduo 

pinduoduo logo android smartphone

Pinduoduo is distinguished by its cutting-edge strategy for group purchases and its mobile-first shopping interface. Pinduoduo was founded by Huang Zheng and provides a vast array of goods, such as farm produce and perishables, drawing millions of consumers with its affordable prices and effective delivery services. 

Because of its emphasis on quality, affordability, and simplicity, the platform is a top choice for companies looking to engage with a wide range of customers and find affordable sourcing solutions.

8. Made-In-China

Made-in-China, as its name implies, concentrates on business-to-business (B2B) trade, bringing together Chinese producers and international customers in a variety of industries, including building materials, auto parts, industrial equipment, and more. 

Via virtual factory tours, the software offers insights into production processes, supports numerous languages, and promotes smooth transactions. Made-in-China is a useful tool for companies managing global trade and procurement because of its dedication to openness, quality control, and trustworthy sourcing options.

9. GlobalSources

Focusing on electronics, equipment, and fashion products, GlobalSources is an all-inclusive B2B platform that connects Chinese suppliers and foreign consumers. This platform is a top option for companies looking for creative sourcing tactics and dependable relationships because it provides sourcing solutions, trade fairs, and insightful analysis of market trends. 

Because of GlobalSources' dedication to effectiveness, quality, and market information, companies are better equipped to compete in the global economy and grow.

10. DHgate

Leading B2B eCommerce site DHgate is well-known for offering a large selection of goods, such as clothing, accessories, and gadgets. Serving small and medium-sized enterprises, DHgate promotes growth prospects for suppliers and customers by providing competitive pricing, safe payment methods, and effective delivery services. 

Because of its intuitive interface and extensive toolkit, the platform is a top choice for companies looking for a wide range of sourcing choices and frictionless trade experiences.

Across The Wrap Up

The above mentioned list of the top 10 B2B marketplaces in China for 2024 offers a peek of the always-changing eCommerce scene and presents enterprises with unrivaled chances for expansion, cooperation, and international market success.

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