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How can you Improve Cyber Security?

Website security is most crucial to every single organization. Looking at the number of attacks in the Internet world, it must be the priority of every organization to work on their cyber security instantly

As the users share a lot of confidential information with the organization, it is the responsibility of the organization to keep it safe and secure at all costs. 

All the businesses irrespective of their size are looking for ways to improve cyber security and therefore we have prepared this guide to help you with the same. 

Let us dive in and quickly understand ways to strengthen the security in the Cyber world. 

Creation of back up

Create a backup

The organizations should largely rely on backup creation as a measure for securing their data. This can come up as a great step in case of a cyber attack. Even if some part of data is lost, it can be recovered easily without much loss. Especially when it comes to payments, it's important to double-check for safety. In such cases, companies can consider a simple check stub instead of a bank transfer, for example. Organizations using virtualization technology can protect critical data with Hyper-V backup from NAKIVO.

Both offline and online backup must be ready at all points within the organization. It must be updated from time to time by the members of the organization. 

SSL Security for the win

SSL setup online

Users take their security very seriously today and thus businesses should implement SSL security that employs HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP to provide a safe and secure digital environment. Users take their security very seriously today and thus businesses should implement SSL security that employs HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP to provide a safe and secure digital environment. In case you are in the crypto space, presenting crypto heatmaps on your website, offering sales and purchases of cryptocurrencies, you need to make your website secure from a variety of cyber attacks. Implementing SSL security and SSL monitoring to ensure validity​can be a good start for that.

Choosing the right SSL cert for your unique needs can seem like a tough task, but not anymore! Let us say, if you need to secure multiple domains and subdomains, we suggest going for a multi-domain SSL certificate. 

This single cert affords premium encryption to up to 250 FQDNs (varies from provider to provider). Even the cheapest multi domain SSL or hosting like cPanel alternative certificate provides the same level of encryption as the more expensive ones.

Large organizations make use of these certs to keep the user data secure, elevate SEO and win the user trust- all at a price of one! We recommend you research as per your requirements and make a wise choice by purchasing one.

Strong password policy

Password on phone screen

The business organizations usually do not pay attention and ignore this foundational step. It is important to every organization irrespective of the size to have a strong password policy that can serve as a backbone and protect them in case of an attack. 

Passwords must be long and consist of alphanumeric characters. It must be changed frequently, and two platforms should never have the same password. For creating strong passwords, you can use a password manager like LastPass or Dashlane.

Strong passwords provide strong security and help in protecting the sensitive user information stored with you. This step must not be ignored casually as it can pose severe repercussions if not followed strongly. 

Limit storage of data

Users share an enormous amount of sensitive data including bank account details, credit or debit card details, email address, residential address and much more with the organization. 

This information is utilized by the business to process a number of operations. But it is not just limited to this, as the hackers also have an eye on the sensitive data. This makes the data more vulnerable to an attack. 

Thus, the storage of data must be limited in every sense to protect information from any kind of theft. The policies of the organization must be designed in a manner so that it supports only a limited amount of data storage for specific operations.

Major response plan

Emergency response exit sign

To improve cyber security, it is important to create a response plan that can save you during the time of an attack. Experts suggest that the data breach can be made less expensive for the organization by investing in a good security plan.

It should include a number of steps where the employees of the organization clearly know their role during the time of a breach, evaluate the risk, communicate with the team, take precautionary measures against it, and strengthen the network.

Employee education is necessary

Organizations must understand the importance of investing in employee education and training. Cyber attackers are coming up with innovative technologies to steal available customer data, so it is important to have an edge over the attackers by having a team that is technically sound. 

Companies have now started investing maximum in their employees as they are the ones who can save the business from any such attack. An Effective training of employees on security measures can help save the company from a lot of issues. Employees need to keep themselves updated in the light of the same and practice security measures at every step. Besides knowing how to use the CRM or the timesheet calculator you have provided, they also need to learn about security measures.

Ideally, all employees should have training and access to a secure and most affordable VPN connection, as VPN completely hides the identity and encrypts data to save your business from any attack. Before making a purchase, you can use the VPN's free trial option to test the service.

Update the software

It is a regular exercise for the potential helpers to scan your website and look for loopholes. Companies in return do not pay attention to the software update and ignore them frequently. 

In light of the same, it is important to keep the software and applications updated so as to get the maximum amount of security in the Cyber world. During this process, in case you need application deployment, consider using kubernetes to automate all the operational tasks. Do not wait for the hackers to read your website and take away crucial user information. 

To ensure regular and comprehensive security updates of software, it’s recommended to have experienced programmers, such as Erlang developers, as part of the dedicated development team. These professionals have the knowledge and skills to ensure maximum security and avoid loopholes.

All the employees must be trained in the same and automatic back up plans must be implemented across the organization.

Web application firewall

The application and implementation of a web application firewall can help you greatly with the security of the site. All the data that passes through this can be considered secure and does not harm the website. 

It is established between the server of the website and the data connection as a guard. It filters all the traffic that passes through it, including spam and malicious codes. As the incoming traffic is filtered through this firewall, the security is massively amplified.


With the increase in the number of cyber attacks all throughout the world, all businesses need to focus on cyber security immediately. 

With all the above-mentioned measures, we hope that we have remained successful in providing you with an insight into the cyber security world. 

A careful blend of all the mentioned measures can be used to guard your valuable user data strongly and protect you from any form of cyber threat prevailing in the Internet world.

This way the organization can make progress and achieve new heights of success by winning the user trust and establishing itself strongly in the market. 










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