fb-pixel FindThatLead Founder Gerard Compte on Entrepreneurship & Growth

FindThatLead Founder Gerard Compte on Entrepreneurship & Growth

We're back with a new episode and an amazing guest, the founder of FindThatLead, Gerard Compte.
Gerard is a serial entrepreneur in online marketing, founder of a number of tools such as scab.in for LinkedIn, Find That Fake, and his most recent creation Meerkat.link, which is a tool to help marketers acquire backlinks through outreach.

Gerard is very experienced in lead generation and outbound marketing. In today’s show we'll be finding his story in entrepreneurship, his success with AppSumo lifetime deals to skyrocket sales and how he keeps innovating with the creation of new tools.

Gerard started his own journey by scratching his own itch. All his tools and services have been the outcome of solving his own business problems.

In today’s show we will be finding out his story in entrepreneurship, discussing and learning from his expertise.

Here are the main topics/questions are discussed with Gerard;

  • How did the book “4-hour workweek” inspire him to start his career?
  • What are the main projects he is still delegating?
  • How did the creation of Find That Lead come about?
  • How AppSumo helped him scale to a whole new level
  • What did he find so attractive about outbound marketing?
  • How does he find a balance in what ideas/workload he takes on and what is the deciding factor for a potential product?
  • What channels help him receive the most attention and traffic?
  • How does he find the startup environment differs in Barcelona vs other areas?
  • What is the source of his energy and unique enthusiasm?
  • What exciting things will we see coming from Gerard in the future?

It was great speaking with Gerard, we hope you will enjoy the episode as much as we did.
Here are the links to Gerard's tools and platforms:

FindThatLead: https://findthatlead.com
Scrabin https://scrab.in

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