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Growth-Hacking using the Best Tactics from Corporates and Start-ups

Growth-Hacking is a term which has become mainstream, at least amongst marketers in recent years. Few marketers and even growth hackers don't have a clear definition and know the real difference between the two fields of digital marketing and growth hacking.

Rayan Jawad and Paul Finch are Growth-hackers, helping corporate brands using the dynamics and innovative growth strategies of start-ups. Rayan founded Growth Studio in 2016, creating a revolutionary concept at a time when growth hacking wasn't a mainstream term amongst brands and marketers yet.

We are speaking with Rayan and Paul in a podcast conversation, uncovering what growth-hacking is and what Small-and medium-sized business and start-ups can learn from corporates in terms of systems and innovation and vice versa.

What is growth-hacking?

Rayan Jawad Quote about Growth Hacking

Rayan from Growth Studio answers the question on "What is Growth-Hacking?" the following way:

"To increase revenue, the mindset of a marketer is to pump more money into a campaign. A growth-hacker wouldn't do that, but focus on improving the conversions of the funnel to increase ROI. Whilst a marketer has a really important role and that is keeping sales coming in, the growth-hacker has a role of taking that exact same scenario and making it work even harder."

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Finding out how Growth-Hacking works

In the podcast conversion we first speak about the origin story, how Waseem met Rayan at a job fair in East London including how Growth Studio came about. Paul and Rayan share their stories of how they realised the big agency model was broken, not built for start-ups and not commercially attractive for a whole bunch of companies.

Coming from a corporate background, Paul and Rayan quickly used their knowledge and experience to scale early-stage start-ups. At the same time, working with start-ups meant sharing ideas and techniques from the corporate world which we talked about as well.

Working with 400+ start-ups worldwide in micro-niche industry verticals Paul and Rayan share some amazing insight into the world of both the corporate and start-up world.

Growth Hacking with Rayan and Paul from Growth Studio, also available on audio platforms 

We are super excited to bring you this episode, talking about:

- What is growth hacking?
- What does it mean to have a growth-hacker mindset?
- Understanding of why data is key for Growth-Hacking
- How earlier stage start-ups used Growth-Hacking to propel their growth
- Why portion of the marketing budget should be defined for Growth/Testing/Experimenting/R&D
- How product-market fit is an important step for start-ups
- How Growth Studio can be both strategic and tactical
- How Growth agencies could set up their own pricing
- Working with corporate is important if you want to sell to B2B enterprises
- Business & Marketing needs to align
- Finally how somebody could get into Growth-Hacking

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Waseem Bashir, CTO

Before founding LeadGen, Waseem worked in London’s Financial Industry. He has worked on trading floors in BNP Paribas and Trafigura, developing complex business systems. He brings in expertise of data and design and combines the two to create improved User Experiences. As the tech-brain behind LeadGen, he focuses on product development and innovation. Also, he built a tremendous experience about digital campaigns as the founder & CEO of the landing page agency Apexure.

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