How to Optimize Your App for Lead Generation


Instead of placing CTAs wherever we want, marketers need to find an approach that can work for everyone. In order to understand how you can optimize your site for lead generation, we need to first gain an in-depth understanding of the lead generation process. 

However, let’s be aware that there isn’t any shortage of lead generation tactics. However, the goal is to get more leads and convert them faster if possible

However, without going any further, let’s find out a few ways how you can optimize your app for lead generation. 

8 Ways how can you optimize your apps for lead generation 

  • Add forms to pages that get the most traffic 

This should be your priority whenever you are concerned about lead generation. However, before you start to set up your strategy with lead generation, you need to identify where you need to make improvements. Undoubtedly, your pages may have great lead generators, but you may never realize it. 

To start everything out, identify where most of your traffic is coming from and which of your pages you receive the most leads. Then, here are a few areas where your business can get visitors

  • Live chat: Maybe most of your traffic is coming in through users reaching out to your communication team via a live chat
  • Social media: Most of your traffic might come from multiple social media campaigns, such as Facebook, Instagram, and more. 
  • Blog posts: Traffic might be coming in from some of your highest-performing blog posts. 
  • Email marketing: Traffic might be coming in from users who want to click through your site from one of your emails. 

Once you identify where your leads are coming from, you’ll want to ensure that all the pages you’ve included attract visitors’ interest. 

For instance, if most of your visitors are coming from social media, focus on improving your content and keeping your audience engaged there. On your most visited pages, try including long-form content that your visitors can access and access their contact information. 

  • Use landing pages

If you haven’t been doing this already, there is some bad news: you are losing more leads than you think. The excellent information for this is that even if you create a few landing pages, you can see an increase in the number of leads you generate. 

Moreover, if you want to focus on something more, you should concentrate your visitors’ attention on particular tasks. As a result, whenever you guide your prospects to your highest converting pages, it’s better than just allowing visitors to go on your site and hoping they’ll notice your CTA. 

If someone is on your site already, your landing page will improve the number of leads it’ll get. Nevertheless, if you are using landing pages, it’s always important to test them out. 

  • Use in-app messaging to boost user retention 


In-app messages are the different ways you can communicate with your customers while using their products. For example, have you seen those good old welcome messages whenever you sign up for a new trial, product, or anything else? Well, in-app messaging is an excellent alternative for lead generation because they aren’t ignored. So, when you make your own app, don't forget about the in-app messaging option, as it is a powerful tool when it comes to generating leads.

It’s difficult to find quality products that don’t use in-app messaging. Nevertheless, users appreciate being fully guided on how they can use a product. 

You can create seamless in-app messaging experiences easily when you incorporate product tours. Product tours educate users more about how well your app functions and highlight the most valuable features. 

Thus, product tours are great for customer retention, which is one of the most important things for generating leads

  • Include what your site must-have

Above all, you need to focus on optimizing your site gradually. Then, just after that, you need to include the essential components to your site, so you can be ready to generate leads. What are these components? 

  • Clean: Ensure your website page is simple and easy to understand. You don’t want your site to look like it came from the early 2000s, do you? 
  • Lightning-fast: If your site takes more than three seconds to load, we have a problem. In fact, if your site loads faster than three seconds, research shows that it’s faster than 50% of the sites on the web! So, your main aim should be for your site to load faster than three seconds. If you can achieve a faster rate, it’s better for you. 
  • Mobile-optimized: Let’s be honest: most online searches are conducted through mobile. In fact, according to statistics, over 60% of online searches are completed through mobile, so you must optimize your site on mobile. 

Optimized sites will create a much better experience for users and leave contact info. Online lead generation won’t work if your site isn’t fully optimized for it. Nevertheless, website design is a trending topic, and you must pay close attention to optimizing your site. 

  • Make your site user-friendly 

user friendly

As we mentioned before, most site visits are through mobile. Thus, mobile traffic is most of the traffic on your site. Therefore, you need to develop iPhone and Android App strategy, firstly it isn’t only important to make your site mobile-friendly and ensure that it’s compatible with many browsers and devices. Nevertheless, when users see that your site is complicated, they’ll leave and have little time to try and learn something new. 

  • Measure each site’s lead performance 

Run a simple test to see how each lead generator runs in your business. You can use tools to do this, such as LeadGen, OptinMonster, Hello Bar, LeadPages, Drift, and more. These tools will provide feedback on how you can improve your current content. 

Comparatively, you can compare landing pages that aren’t doing so well. For example, if Landing page one gets 500 visitors and you converted 15% of those, you are doing excellent. However, if landing page two is getting 1000 visitors and you convert only 1% of those, you should start focusing more on landing page one than landing page two. 

Alternatively, you can incorporate the idea of running internal reports, evaluating landing page visits, the average number of CTA clicks, and more. 

  • Add content upgrades on your most converted pages


Always avoid doing one thing, and that is leaving your readers hanging. For example, when readers view a blog, they should expect to read another right after. Do whatever you can, but never leave your readers hanging, so consider consistently implementing that ‘next’ step. 

  • Setup the five stages of awareness 

The five stages of awareness are a popular framework for bringing your customers together through different awareness levels. People are always unaware they have a problem, and it’s your job to realize that your business is the best solution for them. So before you continue doing anything else, identify these five awareness stages: 

  • Unawareness stage: For example, someone is concerned about changing their phone battery but can’t find any local store that has batteries for their phone. Your business runs a campaign showing that you ship phone batteries. 
  • Problem awareness stage: After the person reads about your post, they’ll become aware of the issue. Their local stores have no batteries for their mobile phone, which is a major issue for the user, so they start searching on your site for new solutions. 
  • Solution awareness stage: Your site provides plenty of solutions for changing phone batteries, and now your customers are “Aware” of this. 
  • Product awareness stage: These people become aware of your product and company after finding a solution. 
  • Loyalty stage: Customers will know whenever they need to buy a product from you and will consider your product, where they will start recommending it to others too.

Wrapping it up 

That’s about it for this article. These are our top ways how you can optimize your app for lead generation. Lead generation isn’t only about making small adjustments, but seeing where you are doing your best and making adjustments to those pages that convert more and keep on increasing their conversion rates. 

Moreover, most businesses don’t even know which of their pages has better leads than the other. Leads should always be an important part of your business and something you should continuously measure to see if you are on the right track or not. 

Nevertheless, don’t forget to focus on your site’s speed and ensure that it’s user-friendly. Nobody will want to join a site that is slow to load or sites that are complicated to scroll through. Only a few of these small steps will help contribute to long-term success in lead generation. 





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