LinkedIn, Cold Email, SEO, Automation - What works best for Lead Generation in 2022

Let’s talk how to increase lead generation for business. Is there is a magic bullet that helps you find lots of quality leads to win deals & partnerships?

Maybe.But, more importantly, there are channels that consistently work: Proven lead generation channels without spending any money into ads.

In this podcast episode, we’ll discuss how to find your market, capture quality leads and convert them into deals without buying ads.

Learn how to generate leads without spending money

We share what worked and what hasn’t worked for us to increase lead generation. For Waseem’s web agency Apexure, the best performing lead channels are traffic from Google search (SEO), the website, LinkedIn & referrals.

For LeadGen as a Software-as-a-service brand, we are doing well with SEO. We also focus on partnerships, cold email, LinkedIn lead generation among other channels.

With B2B leads, you basically got 3 options:

1) Buy traffic
2) Buy contacts
3) Attract leads

Buying traffic via ads is a common strategy and can be very effective to increase lead generation. But it requires a budget. Secondly, you can buy contacts, directly via online marketplaces & databases or indirectly via lead scraping. The third strategy of attracting leads is what we’ll focus on with this episode.

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These are rock-solid strategies that have worked for years. Other channels just recently emerged like online content marketing. The best tactics might be different for your business, but fundamentally all B2B brands follow the same process.

Ultimately lead generation means selling. How to collect emails, FB profiles, phone numbers are relatively easy. Converting leads into B2B sales is the real challenge.

80% of deals are won between 5th and 12th contact. We’ll discuss how to communicate & follow-up with your leads, sharing good & bad practices based on LinkedIn lead prospecting examples. There are some funny ones in there too, showing you how not to message your ideal prospects ????











About the Author


Waseem Bashir, CTO

Before founding LeadGen, Waseem worked in London’s Financial Industry. He has worked on trading floors in BNP Paribas and Trafigura, developing complex business systems. He brings in expertise of data and design and combines the two to create improved User Experiences. As the tech-brain behind LeadGen, he focuses on product development and innovation. Also, he built a tremendous experience about digital campaigns as the founder & CEO of the landing page agency Apexure.