Online lead forms for Instagram: what are these needed for and how do they help to develop your business?

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If you’re a business owner who is starting out (or continuing) to develop their Instagram page, you should know that one of the ways to increase the number of sales is lead forms for IG. To get the most out of this tool, it is necessary not only to set up the form correctly, but also to have time to connect the manager with a potential client as soon as they have left a request. However, if you’re new to this thing you should first understand why this one is that efficient and how you can max out the usage of forms by additional tools (for example, the possibility to buy Instagram followers) and methods. Nowadays,You can Buy instagram likes from providers like MegaFamous with in cheap prices which will show that your posts have a bigger number of users.

The Instagram lead ad is a format of advertising, which allows to find out the best time to post and a social network user to transfer their data in just three clicks and leave a request for a product or service of interest. After that, the manager should contact the person. Normally, social media users perceive lead forms pretty well, because it does not stand out from the general news feed of the social network and does not cause irritation or rejection in the user. There is also a bare minimum of information in this form and you can read it quickly. To fill out the form, the user often needs to perform only one or two actions — click on the confirmation buttons. It doesn’t take much time, yet it can introduce a person to a product. 

The only obstacle here is “banner blindness”, it is a phenomenon when a person simply ignores and doesn’t see a banner due to the overload of ads in an online environment. In order for the form to break through the "banner blindness" and the user to catch a glimpse of the ad, it has to: 

carry practical value — for example, to contain information about the advantages of your product or about a promotional offer;

be simple and clear;

be shown to people interested in such a product or service;

there should be a button that prompts the user to perform the action required by the advertiser. Eg: "Subscribe", "Register", "Get an offer", "Submit an application".

After the person clicks on the button, they proceed to fill out the form. At the same time, the data that they have indicated about themselves in the social network, for example, e-mail, phone number, name, should be filled in automatically. But, if necessary, these parameters can be adjusted.

What advantages do lead forms have that advertisers appreciate? 

The ability to easily get the contacts of a potential client to contact them later for this or other offers. It takes a little time to get results. But even without a website and promoted profiles in social networks, the first customers may appear on the same day when the lead form is launched.

There are no large startup costs, because complex technical solutions are not needed to create forms. The main investments are into the advertising budget. The forms also provide wide adaptability, which ensures that the lead form will be displayed correctly on both the mobile device and the desktop.

You can change the list of questions in the form and add open questions – modify it as you need, there are no limits here. This also allows you to find out the user's opinion on an important issue. So the forms can be used not only to sell, but also to perfect the product. Advertisers also like the fact that the submitted lead form clearly shows the user's interest in the product or service. Thus proves that most leads are "warm" leads, which is much easier to work with.

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What hacks can you use to make lead forms work even better for you: 

Fill in the "Brief Information" section when creating the form. It will give the customer more information about the product or service. And, therefore, a person will be more interested in entering their real data.

Additional questions should not be abused, because the user may not be ready to answer all of them straight away. They will feel the pressure and just close the form, or they might enter incorrect data which will confuse the advertiser and seller. But if your offer depends on the level of education of the client or the brand of his car, then you need to ask them about it. By the way, there is an opinion that answers to questions increase user engagement and increase the value of the application left for him. However, try to not make a lot more than 3 fields in the form: studies show that this is an optimal number. 

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Check in advance which pages have your target audience as subscribers. This way you will understand what their feed looks like. This will allow you to choose the colors and photos that will stand out for the design of the lead form. But acidic colors are most often worth giving up, they attract few people: try to be more creative and delicate here. If possible, use real photos and videos of the product. Users like them more, and Meta imposes fewer restrictions on such advertising. When appropriate, use emojis. Lead forms with emojis significantly increase CTR.

Summing up 

Instagram lead form is a special format of advertising on Instagram, through which users transmit their contact information to the company and get introduced to the product. A properly created lead form helps companies quickly and relatively inexpensively obtain contact details of potential customers and interact with them in the favor of the company and the client later. 




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