Over-the-Top Advertising 101: As Easy As OTT!

OTT (over the top) is the practice of delivering content online, bypassing the familiar means of accessing this content through television, broadcasting, or cable. Viewers can stream content on mobile phones, tablets, desktops, or gaming consoles.

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It enables them to binge-watch their desired content without any restrictions or schedules. It not only caters to customers; it has huge benefits for advertisers as well. Broadly speaking, OTT places targeted video ads dynamically within content, programming, and live streaming to drive attention toward the products or services seamlessly.

Working Model

OTT is closely related to video on demand (VOD). But while video on demand describes the consumption model, OTT describes the distribution model, where video content is delivered over the internet. Without getting down to the technical nitty-gritty, here are some of the main players in the working model of OTT advertising.

They are data providers, publishers, supply- and demand side platforms, advertisers, analytics, and finally, the viewers. The systems manage overall campaign performance, enable the execution of ads, and combat fraud.

Advertisers create an audience using first- and third-party data. The campaign begins with audience matching. The ads are then uploaded, buffered, and displayed to the target audience.


Geofencing pertains to creating virtual fences around specific geographical areas, defined using GPS coordinates and other location-based technologies. In the OTT landscape, geofence marketing providers help restrict access outside the restricted areas.

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This, in turn, helps content providers comply with licensing agreements and regional regulations while ensuring that users can only access content appropriate for their location.

Geofencing can also complement digital rights management by enforcing certain content restrictions that limit unauthorized access and add an extra layer of security. It has become an integral component of the OTT ecosystem, enhancing the precision and relevance of OTT advertising.

Best Practices

It is important to know your platforms and choose wisely. Each OTT platform leans towards a different sort of audience. Some may attract older crowds, the youth, women, or indeed every type of demographic out there.

Ample research is needed on the audience each platform caters to please and the specific ad formats they provide to create a sublime viewer experience for all. Use the audience data wherever possible to make your targeting hit the bullseye every time by improving messaging, creatives, and timeliness.

Be mindful that the attention span of the average viewer is increasingly becoming short, and you have just about the blink of an eye to make a strong impression. The people out there are in no mood to wait. Make it something memorable.

The Future

OTT advertising has done rather well in a short span of time and is set to increase from strength to strength. Data is a marketer’s kryptonite, especially in an advertising landscape that is increasingly prioritizing data privacy. Information on viewers’ choices is fodder for contextual advertising.

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In addition to this, some technologies allow OTT media publishers to share customer data with marketers while protecting it and maintaining privacy. User reviews and feedback are available on almost all OTT platforms since users actively seek them and ask for ratings.

A combination of first-party and third-party data can help advertisers capitalize on reaching a huge and diverse audience pool.


OTT offers a plethora of opportunities, and with the constantly evolving nature of streaming services and advertising technology, it will surely undergo many changes in the future. When it comes to OTT video content, OTT advertising will also have a considerably higher market presence.

OTT engages the chronically lazy as well as the energetic and, indeed, almost all demographics. It has given a level of comfort to the viewer like never before and at an unprecedented level.

The Covid pandemic has played its part in restricting individuals to relying on solitary, cozier forms of entertainment, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down. OTT advertising is here to stay, evolve, and entertain.

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