The Importance of Creating a Brand Identity


After the digital surge that has taken over the world and the business change during the pandemic, brand identity has become imperative to build a connection with customers. Therefore, today companies spend more time on building a brand identity as it is the USP of their marketing strategy.

Brand identity can be categorised into logo and slogan, which add a visual element to the product you seek to promote in the market. Further, an identity reflects the mission and vision of the company. Hence, an identity means more than just a selling instrument to the company. Thus, for new businesses that are still in their infancy stage, I will lecture them on the importance of creating a brand identity and its significance in today’s market.

Importance Of Creating A Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity is key in modern business, as it gives the plight to companies to excel in competitive markets and make their own place in the market. Most customers' purchasing behaviour depends on the brand and its connection with customers. That is why it is important to know the importance of brand identity.
5 Reasons why Brand Identity is important for your business

Differentiation From The Others In The Market

Brand identity helps people to differentiate companies who compete in the same field. It allows businesses to stand out from the others and take their products to customers. If you can guarantee uniqueness, it can enable you to put a mark on the market and influence customers' purchasing behaviours. 

This can be seen in the competition between Unilever and P&G, who compete in the same cosmetic industry, and it is because of their unique identity they can cater to different customers.

Builds Your Brand Personality

Your brand logo reflects the vision and mission of the company and the core values it looks to promote in the market. Your brand identity should emphasise the values you instil in your services and products.

It is one of the things that catch people's eye, especially GenZ’s, who are sensitive about the values and their representation in the market. Therefore, by building a brand identity, you can initiate conversations with customers and set the overall tone of the business. Thus, in promoting the business strategy, the company seeks people to know and connect with them in their growth and journey to achieve those objectives and goals.

Impact of Logos on Building a Strong Brand Identity

Establishing a strong brand identity is essential in the competitive business landscape, distinguishing between ordinary and reputable brands. Consumers, driven by emotions and experiences, prioritize a brand's identity over mere products or services. Take, for example, two phones with identical features; one with an Apple logo, the other with a generic one. Despite cost differences, people prefer the Apple logo, showcasing the power of brand identity.

The logo stands as the most crucial element, and to build a solid brand identity, use a free logo maker for creating aesthetically pleasing, attractive, and unique logos to achieve specific goals.

Creates A Loyal Customer Base

Another advantage of brand identity is that it helps to hone a loyal customer base, which is key in modern business. Even though several brands are prying up occasionally, with a brand identity, you will build a go-to brand for customers.  In simple words, if you have a strong brand identity, then customers can form a connection with the brand and the product and make the company grow even with stiff competition.

Therefore, you will see Tesco giving out loyalty cards and organising a program to show their gratitude towards loyal customers, which also helps build their brand identity.
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Creating Awareness Among Customers

When you build a brand identity across your omnichannel, you are not only selling products or services. Rather, you are spreading customer awareness about the brand and its development. Therefore, with a brand identity, your job is to expand your exposure in the market and deeper penetration into the wider customer base. Further, it will help you to grow your market share.

And that means less customer churn rate and more sales and revenue. So, if you want to spread awareness of your brand over the digital platform, you can consult Vantage Branding, a brand design agency. They will help you to create a strong brand identity and promote them across digital channels.
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Ways To Build Brand Identity

As discussed about the importance of brand identity, you need insight into how to build brand identity. This will allow you to create areas where you can make meeting points with customers and promote your brand.

Here is what you can do -

  • Media Coverage 
  • Visual Branding 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Advertising 
  • Publications 
  • Customer Service Interactions

This way, you can create your brand identity across offline and online channels and promote your products to customers. Ultimately, the visual image of the brand that comes into the mind of customers will help the brand succeed in the stiff competition.

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