What You Should Watch Out For in Chatbots:
The Challenges, Risks and Security

AI chatbots are very popular these days. One reason is that people have become quite familiar with messaging and voice assistant platforms. All such platforms use some form of AI. Having a conversational AI on your site is beneficial for your business.

However, AI chatbots are still machines, and they have potential vulnerabilities. True, the algorithms used in AI chatbots are much more complex than your average app. This is why so security breaches are less likely. But, it is still a possibility.

You can minimize your chatbot security risks if you choose from the best conversational AI platforms currently available. It is most likely that they all have user ID authentication, but that is not always enough. Even authorized users are not always careful about protecting the privacy and data of their customers.

Potential Chatbot Implementation Challenges

To assess chatbot security risks, you need to check if the AI chatbots platform that you plan to use has the following security measures:

  • - End-to-end encryption

  • - Two-factor authentication

  • - Critical data blocking

  • - Channel restriction

  • - Time-based restriction

  • - Biometric verification

Meeting the security and implementation challenges like associated with AI chatbots is crucial.

Also, check out conversational conditional logic forms as an alternative to chatbots.



AI Chatbots Challenges and Opportunities You Need to Understand
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Chatbots challenges and security risks as well as disadvantages of chatbots infographic