Top SaaS Link Building Agencies You Can Trust On

They told you to revamp your website for SEO and make it more mobile-friendly. You did that, and now you’ve implemented highly specific keywords relevant to your brand, but your website is still not going up on SERPs.

The reason is simple! You need quality backlinks.

Backlinks are one of the major ranking signals that search engines like Google use in determining your position or where you pop up when users search for the services or resources you have.

But getting backlinks to your website is a lot of work. You might spend tens of thousands of dollars if you’re to get an in-house link building expert. Moreover, there’s no guarantee the link campaign will be successful.

And that’s why you need to get a result-backed SaaS link building agency to do the job.

In this article, I will break down the top 10 SaaS link building agencies based on their services, approach, strong points, and pricing. Then you can make your choice.

1. Digital Gratified

Digital Gratified

Digital Gratified tops my chart because of their dexterity when it comes to building links that truly bring results. Moreover, they have a track record of working with top guns like SE Ranking, Omnisend, GetAstra, Engagebay, Hostinger, etc.


Some other services provided by Digital Gratified include SEO, SaaS content marketing, product promotion, and email marketing. These extras give them an upper hand in creating link opportunities relevant to your website and brand.

Pricing: Digital Gratified does not have a fixed link building package. But you can use their link building cost calculator to estimate your expenses based on the number of required links and expected domain rating. 

On average, though, they charge $150 for a link of DR 65+ and $180 for a link of DR 70+.

2. Click Intelligence

Click Intelligence has a proven track record when it comes to link building for all manner of industries, including SaaS. An international digital marketing agency, they have over 10 years of experience producing link building campaigns that bring measurable results for their clients. Their team of SEO experts has their finger on the pulse when it comes to all things link building, enabling them to create a campaign that makes a difference.

The team at Click Intelligence gets to know every client they work with and prides itself on its fully bespoke campaigns, which can include anything from blogger outreach, niche edits, PR outreach, multilingual link building, and HARO link building, to name a few options. One thing you can be sure of, though, is that whichever approach is taken to bolster your backlink profile, it will be chosen to align with your goals.

They have an in-house content team that crafts high-quality content that trusted sites will want to link to. Their outreach team has established close relationships with trusted website owners, editors, and journalists to place links that will drive your organic rankings. If you are an agency in need of support, then Click Intelligence’s services are available as white label packages, too.

Pricing: Click Intelligence prides itself on its transparent pricing, which is clearly displayed on the website in GBP and USD. Looking at their Blogger Outreach service as an example, DA30+ starts at £80 per link, and DA50+ starts at £260 per link, with discounts available for bulk orders.

3.. Vazoola

Vazoola is another notable SaaS link building agency that primarily specializes in link building but not just for SaaS companies. And like Digital Gratified, they offer SE services and content marketing for blogs, case study purposes, and page content.

Their SEO services include website audit, internal linking, and inclusive keyword research. Vazoola prioritizes guest posting and niche edits when building links. And they also leverage broken links wherever possible.

Pricing: Vazoola charges a range of $50 - $200 for low-level links of DR 35 above and $600 - $2000 for high-end links. Moreover, you still need to pay an additional fee of about $99 to $149 monthly until you cancel your subscription.

4. Stan Ventures

In the competitive landscape of SEO services, Stan Ventures emerges as a distinguished provider of white-hat link building solutions. Renowned for their comprehensive white label link building services and SEO resources, Stan Ventures equips businesses and agencies with everything necessary to secure a success. Their commitment to affordability and demonstrable success positions them as a preferred partner for websites aiming to enhance their search engine rankings and for agencies that target higher margins.

Key Offerings:

a. Link Building: Stan Ventures differentiates itself from the rest of the link building agencies with bespoke manual outreach strategies, ensuring clients receive high-quality backlinks from authoritative niche relevant blogs.

b. Managed SEO: With Managed SEO services, websites can get end-to-end SEO optimization done through the experts in Stan Ventures. This service includes on-page, off page, speed and technical SEO optimization.

c. White Label Solutions: Stan Ventures has partnered with over 100+ SEO agencies across US, AUS and UK helping them with a slew of white labeled services that include link building, audits and reports.

With a track record of success, Stan Ventures is celebrated for its role in propelling businesses to the forefront of their industries via strategic SEO enhancements.

Pricing Structure:

Stan Ventures introduces a flexible approach to pricing, tailored to meet diverse SEO and link building needs without imposing undue financial burdens. Their model is characterized by customizable plans that include a variety of services, such as link diversity, strategic link velocity, and detailed monthly reporting. This pay-as-you-go system ensures transparency, with no requirement for contracts or minimum fees. For SEO Agencies, they offer a brokerage model that makes their white label services more cost effective than the competitors.


a. Superior Customer Support: Stan Ventures stands out for its exceptional customer service, offering multiple channels of communication, including phone, email, and live chat.

b. Value-Oriented Pricing: The company offers competitive rates for its high-caliber SEO and link building services, making premium SEO accessible even for small businesses.

c. High-Quality Links: Their link building service is highly effective in securing valuable backlinks, enhancing the SEO value for clients.


a. Flexible Investment: While Stan Ventures aims to provide cost-effective solutions, the total investment may vary depending on the chosen plan and specific client requirements.

It's clear that Stan Ventures holds a significant position in the realm of SEO services, particularly in link building. Their blend of quality, affordability, and customer-focused services makes them a noteworthy option for businesses seeking to improve their SEO performance.


5. Userp

Userp is mainly a link building agency that provides quality backlinks from websites with top domain ratings and thousands of traffic. Additionally, Userp offers Digital PR as part of their core services in boosting clients’ brand visibility and exposure.

They have a work record with companies like ActiveCampaign and Monday. One exceptional point to note is that Userp has over 50 experts, which ensures you get your job done by the right person, not by a generalist.

Pricing: Their link building plan starts at $10,000 per month for ten backlinks of at least DR 60. The highest plan is $20,000 monthly per 24x backlinks. Userp has another link building plus content combo plan, which costs as low as $20,000 and as high as $40,000 monthly.

6. Siege Media

SiegeMedia is more inclusive compared to Userp and provides other services such as graphic design, standalone SEO consultation, link building, content marketing, Digital PR, and copywriting for SaaS, Fintechs, and Ecommerce.

Some of the companies they have worked for include Stash, Nextiva, Hippo, Pacaso, and Homebuyer. As one of the best SaaS funding  link building agencies, SiegeMedia prioritizes good content and designs when creating quality link opportunities.

Pricing: There’s no clear-cut pricing package on SiegeMedia’s page. But their FAQs show you can get a link of DR 40+ for as low as $250+. To get a full quotation, you will have to contact their customer team or schedule a SEO consultation.

7. Outpace

Outpace is a result-oriented SaaS link building agency with over a decade of experience and a sturdy link database. As a generalist in the field, Outpace also provides web development services, on-page and off-page SEO, UX optimization, SEO reseller offers, and user behavior analysis.

This agency takes its services off the grid with a white-hat link building approach, which has earned them complete star ratings from review sites like Clutch, G2, and even Google My Business.

Pricing: There is no link building package on Outpace’s page. That means you will need to reach out and schedule a free consultation to find out. But from reviews, you should prepare at least $150 per link with a DR of 50+.

8. Digital Olympus

Digital Olympus is purely a SaaS link building agency using other techniques, including content marketing and strategized SEO, to place your links on websites that matter. They also engage the DIgital PR approach to build relationships with top, relevant websites in exchange for quality backlinks to your page.

Another exceptional approach used by Digital Olympus is Topical SEO. This strategy focuses on creating topic clusters to build your website's authority. In turn, you’re not just getting links to a subpar page.

Pricing: Digital Olympus charges per package and monthly, which can be as low as $5000 or as high as $20,000. Your exact package will depend on the number of links needed, domain rating, and other requirements.

9. FatJoe

If you’re looking for an all-round digital marketing agency with a specialty in SEO, content marketing, graphic design, and video creation, and lastly, link building, that’s FatJoe. They are one of the special agencies that use graphic elements like infographics and videos to create link opportunities from reputable and relevant websites.

One notable feature of FatJoe is their use of HARO sources to gain quality links, besides using other strategies such as niche edit, press distribution, media placement, and blogger outreach. FatJoe also uses local citation building to raise the authority of your website before sending it link juice.

Pricing: Starts at £60 for a link of DR 10+, £80 for a link of DR 20+, and £280 for a link of DR50+. Each plan comes with a 500-word blog post that capitalizes on your brand and a relevant anchor.

10. LinkBuilder

I reserved LinkBuilder at the bottom of this list, not because they actually rank lower than the others. In fact, based on link building quality, they definitely top the chart with the likes of Digital Gratified and Vazoola. However, their pricing is more or less on the high side. 

LinkBuilder is a capitalist when it comes to solving link problems from the source. Their team of goal-oriented experts first conducts a competitor backlink analysis to measure the link gap. Then they collate relevant keywords before running an A/B outreach campaign to reach reputable link partners for your website.

Pricing: Their cheapest package starts at $2,999 per 7x links, followed by a midi cost of $5,999 per 15x links, and finally, $9,999 for 27x links. These links have a minimum DR of 50+.


As a leading SaaS link building agency, LinkDoctor specializes in developing customized link building strategies for SaaS companies, ensuring their clients not only gain high-quality, relevant links but also see a significant boost in their organic search rankings.

Their approach is rooted in ethical SEO practices, focusing on creating valuable content and fostering genuine relationships with authoritative websites in your industry. This dedication to excellence has established LinkDoctor as a trusted partner for businesses looking to enhance their online presence through effective SaaS link building.

Importantly, even startups new to the business landscape can greatly benefit from their services, gaining an early advantage in building a strong online presence. With a proven track record of success and a stellar 4.8 Trustpilot rating, LinkDoctor is your go-to source for achieving sustainable growth and a competitive edge in the digital landscape.


Link building is the lifeline of any online brand just as much as content marketing and other SEO practices. By leveraging links from the right sources, your website can get a lifetime boost to the first page on search engines.

When you’re ready to invest in link building, you need to outsource the task to agencies that are cost-affordable and provide quality links in the long run, like Digital Gratified or SiegeMedia.

About the Author


Vibhu Dhariwal, Director of Marketing at Digital Gratified Pvt. Ltd.

Vibhu Dhariwal is Co-Founder & Director of Marketing at Digital Gratified. He likes sharing his experience in outreach marketing, link building, content marketing, and SEO with readers.