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In November 2019, Microsoft revealed the number of people who have been using its Slack competitor ‘Microsoft Teams’. It reported 20 million daily active users.

This figure was much more than the total count of Slack’s daily user, which was revealed to be ‘12 million,’ around the same time.

Ever since MS is keen to share with the world that they are one of the best slack competitors. MS Team’s win over Slack has also opened doors for other slack alternatives, who are vying for the attention Slack has received over the last few years.

And now there is a sea of Slack Alternatives out there. Some of these are free, some offer more features than Slack’s free plan. Some allow you to host the app on your own server, rebrand it as your own app, and some don’t restrict message search limit.

Another reason behind businesses looking for Slack alternatives is the cost, since the majority of slack competitors are offering similar features at a lesser price value. All of this adds up as a benefit, mainly for startups and small teams with limited resources.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of 7 most-promising Slack Alternatives of 2020:

Microsoft Teams
: Group Chat Software & Collaboration Tool

Microsoft Team

  • Getting Started:
    • MS is chat-based collaboration tools
    • It provides global, dispersed and remote teams a common space to work together
  • Features:
    • Threaded conversations.
    • Video and voice conferencing.
    • Multi-Channel Guests
    • Instant messaging/Chat.
    • Team chat and private discussion.
    • Virtual assistant bots.
    • Open API for integrations.
    • Contact search by email address or name
    • Conversation search and contact search.
    • Customisation features for each team.
  • Pricing:
    • Microsoft Teams: Free
    • Office 365 Business Premium: INR 660 per user/month
    • Office 365 E3: INR 1320 per user/month
  • Integration:
    • 800+ integrations supported in all teams plans
  • Storage:
    • Free Plan: 2 GB per user & 10 GB of storage
    • Premium and Essential Plan: 1 TB storage per organisations
  • Users:
    • Free Plan: Maximum number of users is 300
    • Office 365 Business Essential: Maximum number of users is 300
    • Office 365 Business Premium: Unlimited Number of Users

Troop Messenger: Office Chat and Instant Messaging App For Business

Troop Messenger img

  • Getting Started
    • User-friendly compact office chat application
    • Loaded with contemporary features to address business communication & collaboration needs
  • Features
    • Global Search
    • Fingerprint Security
    • One-on-One Messaging, Unlimited Groups
    • Audio & Video calling with screen sharing
    • One-to-One Search
    • FIlters (links, Attachments, and more)
    • Data Record
    • Advanced Notification
    • Message Scheduler & Autoresponder
    • @Mentions
    • Live Tracking & Analytics
    • Orange Member
    • Burnout, Forkout, Shoutout, FizzleOut
    • Customer Support
  • Pricing:
    • Premium Plan: INR 71 per user per month
    • Enterprise Plan: INR 355 per user per month
    • Self-Hosting: INR 355+ per user per month
  • Integration:
    • Dropbox
    • Google Drive
    • AP/LDAP
  • Storage:
    • Premium Plan: 150 GB Storage
    • Enterprise Plan: 1 TB Storage
    • Self-Hosting: Custom, I TB+ Storage
  • Users:
    • Premium Plan: Teams up to 200 Users
    • Enterprise Plan: Suitable for teams of 200-500 Users
    • Self-Hosting: Suitable for teams of 500+ Users

Fleep: Collaboration software teams operating remotely

Fleep Img

  • Getting Started
    • An innovative team communication application
    • Fleep combines a built-in collaboration medium with a robust business messenger
  • Features:
    • Full message history, facility to retrieve any message shared irrespective of time
    • Unlimited private conversations between team members, no limit
    • Unlimited group conversations in the business and custom plans, which is limited to 3 groups in a basic plan
    • Native apps
    • User account management
    • Premium conversations
    • White labelling of application, so organizations can customize fleep with their brand name and logo
    • Organization settings
    • Retention policy for files
    • Status message
  • Pricing
    • Basic: Free plan
    • Business: €5 per user, per month, when billed annually
    • Enterprise: Custom pricing plans
  • Integration:
    • Email, Trello, Zapier
    • Fleep API
    • Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive
    • JIRA, Slack Confluence, Whereby,
    • GitHub, Webhooks, Sameroom, Bitbucket Server
  • Storage:
    • Basic: 10 GB file storage
    • Business: 100 GB File Storage
    • Enterprise: 100 GB File Storage
  • Users:
    • Basic: Ideal for teams of students, friends, and communities
    • Business: Ideal for teams small & medium-sized business
    • Enterprise: Ideal for Large Businesses and corporations

Twist: Clear & Organized Team Communication

Twist Img

  • Getting Started
    • Doist run team communication and collaboration application
    • Known for a functional and clear interface which focuses on making workplace more productive
  • Features
    • Access full history of comments
    • Access full history of messages
    • Organised discussion into threads
    • Prioritise focused and productive threads
    • Information is easily accessible
    • Document Management
    • Project Management
    • Real-Time Editing
    • Discussion Boards
  • Pricing:
    • Free Plan: C$ 0 per user per month
    • Unlimited Plan: C$ 6.50 per user per month
  • Integration:
    • Free Plan: Up to 5 integrations supported in free plan
    • Unlimited Plan: Unlimited Integrations
  • Storage:
    • Free Plan: 5 GB file storage
    • Unlimited Plan: Unlimited file storage

Mattermost: An open-source, and Self-hosted Alternative of Slack

Mattermost img

  • Getting Started
    • An open source alternative of Slack
    • It brings team communication at one place, making collaboration possible anywhere
  • Features:
    • Private and group messaging
    • Fully searchable message history
    • Screen sharing, voice and video call
    • Integrated file sharing
    • Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux
    • Supports mobile iOS and Android
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • Highly available configuration
    • LDAP authentication
    • Multi-language translations
    • Enterprise-grade security and scalability
    • Priority support
    • White labelling: Custom branding & custom emojis
    • Unlimited integrations
    • Guest Accounts
  • Pricing:
    • Enterprise E10: $3.25 per user month, billed annually
    • Enterprise E20: $8.50 per user month, billed annually
  • Integration:
    • Ediscovery tools, DLP, EMM
    • 100s of pre-built tools ready to integrate
    • Connect with internal company tools and third-party app
  • Users
    • Enterprise E10: Scaling up to 500 users
    • Enterprise E20: Scaling for 1000+ users

Rocket chat: Open Source Enterprise Team Chat

Rocket Chat Img

  • Getting Started
    • A web-chat server which has been developed in JavaScript
    • An ideal solution for companies willing to host their own chat servers, privately
  • Features
    • Unlimited message history
    • Unlimited private and public channels
    • Dedicated conferencing server
    • Multi Language interface
    • White label branding and custom domain
    • Advanced agent routing rules
    • OmniChannel Integrations
    • LDAP/Active Directory
    • Multi Factor authentication
    • Hourly Analytics Reporting
    • On-Call Upgrade Assistance
  • Pricing:
    • Community: Free
    • Pro: $3 per user, when billed monthly, and $30 per user, when billed annually
    • Enterprise: Tiered pricing
  • Integration:
    • Community: Unlimited
    • Pro: Unlimited Integrations
    • Enterprise: Unlimited Integrations
    • (GitHub, Trello, JIRA, Guggy, Google Calendar, Moodle, Sentry, and more)
  • Users:
    • Community: Up to 1000 users recommended
    • Pro: Unlimited users
    • Enterprise: Unlimited users Team Collaboration & Work Management Software

Monday img

  • Getting Started:
    • Leading communication and collaboration app for businesses working remotely
    • sync empowers all the team members and stakeholders to make real-time decisions, together
  • Features
    • Unlimited Boards and Free Viewers
    • Embedded forms
    • Kanban View, Timeline View,
    • Calendar and Chart VIew
    • Dashboards and Automations
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Audit Log
    • Single Sign On (Okta, One login, Azure AD, Custom SAML)
    • Self-Serve knowledge base
    • 99.9% uptime
    • HIPAA Compliance
    • Session Management
  • Pricing:
    • Basic Plan: $39 USD /month for a team of 5 users
    • Standard: $49 USD /month for a team of 5 users
    • Pro: $79 USD /month for a team of 5 users
    • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing
  • Integration:
    • Basic Plan: 0 actions/month
    • Standard: Up to 250 actions/month
    • Pro: Up to 25,000 actions/month
    • Enterprise Plan: Up to 2,50,000 actions/month
  • Storage:
    • Basic Plan: Up to 5GB Storage available
    • Standard: Up to 50GB Storage available
    • Pro: Unlimited Storage
    • Enterprise Plan: Unlimited Storage


Apart from these 7 tools, there are over a dozen more paid and open source business collaboration tools that are available in the market as an alternative to Slack.

For more than 10 million users, these office chat applications have become the first tool they open to kick the workday on.

What’s more, these 7 office chat apps have shaped themselves into a pioneer of team collaboration, and they’ve everything that makes them a promising slack-alternative.

Post Contribution by Mohsin Ansari, who is a Marketing Manager at Troop Messenger – a business messenger that comes with all the requisite features. It is a viable Slack Alternative that is spreading its wings across all industries by bringing all the internal communication at one place. Mohsin is accountable for analyzing the market trends, demographics, and dealing with all promotional and media channels.

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