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A Critical review of B2B Content Marketing Channels to generate leads and sales

Finding the right content platforms to promote your business is hard.

Blogs, website content, explainer video, social media, podcast - It can become pretty confusing to pick the right channel that delivers a positive return.

Over the last few years, content marketing has grown enormously. If done right, you can get huge amounts of targeted followers and web traffic, resulting in more sales.

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Although praised by a lot of marketers, making content marketing work takes a lot of effort.

It’s no surprise that businesses are tempted to take the short-term pill - Buying ads to get leads and sales quickly.

With this podcast episode, we want to share an honest assessment of content marketing channels: Sharing what it takes to make blogs and content platforms profitable for you as a marketer/ B2B company.

We’ve started and ditched a lot of channels over the past years, but crucially we persisted with others. Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) and blog content marketing are some of our biggest lead-generating channels for both our SaaS business and Waseem’s web agency.

Making content marketing work is very rewarding and can be a lot of fun if you are passionate about what you do.

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We will also shed light on content marketing myths and cover the following topics:

  • Is content marketing free traffic?
  • What type of work shall I outsource?
  • How to keep content updated and consistently ranking in Google
  • How to protect yourself against algorithm penalties in SEO
  • How to write blogs that are not boring
  • Can anyone start video/ audio marketing?
  • How much time does it take to get results?
  • Tools we use for Onpage/Offpage SEO


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About the Author


Christopher Lier, CMO LeadGen App

Christopher is a specialist in Conversion Rate Optimisation and Lead Generation. He has a background in Corporate Sales and Marketing and is active in digital media for more than 5 Years. He pursued his passion for entrepreneurship and digital marketing and developed his first online businesses since the age of 20, while still in University. He co-founded LeadGen in 2018 and is responsible for customer success, marketing and growth.

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