How SEO really works - New Perspectives on Ranking Websites in Google

Should we invest in Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO)?

A question many businesses and startup battle with. SEO is probably one of the most popular, yet seldom understood and mastered marketing channels.

Expectations for getting tons of traffic are high but rarely met. A lot of business owners and B2B brands start some SEO efforts along their growth journey, and decide to stop it shortly afterward.

SEO for B2B Marketing

In this episode we breakdown who in the field of B2B marketing should do SEO and how you can make it work.

Learn Proven SEO strategies for B2B Marketing

Our Co-founder Chris is sharing his step-by-step SEO process that helped him get not only to page 1, but position 1 for different websites he worked on over the last 5 years.

You will get a new picture of SEO that involves unconventional tactics. For example, why do most SEO marketers still focus almost exclusively on rankings and traffic growth?

Chris explains why marketers should include lead generation and website conversion optimization into the SEO strategy.  This helps to build an end-to-end process that delivers tangible business value.

He is also a big advocate in automation and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Thus, making SEO a predictable process that also new team members can understand quickly.



your seo blueprint

Why SEO is important for business?

On a business level, SEO is a team effort and needs resources and budget. We will present our process and how we are able to achieve results quickly.

We unravel SEO myths and layout how to make sense of this enormous marketing channel that can transform your business growth if done right.

Fundamentally, SEO is like building up a muscle, going to the gym every week, for a long period of time. Unlike, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, SEO requires thought, strategy, and resources, but the pay-off is also far more rewarding.

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