One of the Best Channels to Generate B2B Leads: Webinar Marketing

How did you spend your time during the COVID crisis? The business climate and the fear brought out by the media made it tempting to slow down or take a break.

Waseem took another approach and transformed his agency business early. It's fine to go into survival mode, but if we learned one thing, it's about moving on as fast as possible and taking chances.

Intrigued by conversations in Facebook groups back in March, Waseem spotted a new trend of businesses, especially event marketers, shifting online and starting webinar marketing.

In the new Marketing Mavericks Show, he explained how he managed to bounce back with his agency business by helping brands set-up webinars funnels for their lead generation.

He created new landing pages, a full email course and a webinar package and reached out to his existing customer base to help create their lead generation campaigns via webinars.

landing page conversion score

In the podcast, we talk about:

- His business pivot during the COVID-19 crisis
- Webinar marketing strategies for B2B
- The right set-up of webinars incl. tool stack, audience, length
- Webinar funnels and follow-up campaigns
- Who should do it
- New market trends in the current climate
- Real trends vs. shiny objects

Learn how to boost leads and sales with webinars

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